Already the weekend of 16 — 17 October


Cool …

  • Low 0 — 6 ° C during the day 5 — 10 ° C.

Do not pass:

  • "Ivenets creative fair". On the "Fair" will feature folk music, visual arts, national cuisine. The campaign will be a presentation of the project "Our course" (October 16, Ivenets 10.30 — 18.00).
  • The famous tenor Jose Carreras will perform with the program "Mediterranean Passion" (October 16, "Minsk-Arena", 19.00).
  • Concert of folk group "Kriwi" (October 16, Minsk, National Youth Theatre of Variety, 19.00)
  • "Free Theatre" sets the play in Minsk «New York'79» and "Discover Love" (October 17, tel. For appointment: (029) 178-53-96).


October 16

  • Japan will be a meeting of agriculture ministers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation on the issues of food security.
  • In Hamburg, Germany, the world champion in supertsyazhkay WBC version of Vitali Klitschko will fight with boxing title contender Shannon Briggs.
  • In Rotterdam, the Dutch World Cup kicks off in gymnastics (until 24 October).

October 17

  • In Afghanistan, have to announce the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections.
  • The Vatican canonization ceremony will be held six saints, including the first Australian saint Mother Mary Makilap.

There is a reason:

October 16

  • World Food Day.

October 17

  • International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.


  • Day Oct. 16 entered the history of the world with loud religious bonfires and political measures. In 1555, in Oxford for heresy were burned at the stake British Protestant bishops Gyu Latymer and Nicholas Ridley. In 1793, under the sentence of the revolutionary tribunal died on the guillotine the French queen Marie Antoinette. In 1946, the verdict of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal were hanged ten Nazi leaders — the criminals against humanity. Among them were those who entered in Belarusian history — Rozenberg and Ribbentrop, the same Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, who before the war, signed a treaty with his Soviet counterpart Molotov.
  • October 16 at different times in the light of Belarusian artist Boris Fences, who lives in Paris, and the Belarusian poet Sergei Sokolov Voyush, which for a long time worked for Radio Liberty, and now lives in the U.S..
  • Also born on October 16 English-language writer, irlyandets-born Oscar Wilde, British statesman Austen Chamberlain, the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and two writers-Nobel laureates American Eugene O'Neill and the German Gunter Grass.
  • October 17, 1588 began operating Statute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Sometimes historians call him the first European Constitution. This code is right for 250 years was the laws in force in the territory of Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine and was the basis of the entire legal system of the Grand Duchy.
  • October 17, 1964 in Belarus opened the first industrial oil field. Scientists say that if Belarus fully lived only due to its oil, would have chosen the entire stock for 30 years.
  • October 17, 1696 was born August III — Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, one of the former leaders of our region. Augustus III had his political concepts, and therefore ruled favorites. The central government barely functioned, and local authorities in the counties conducted their own policy. As a result, the country is increasingly become dependent on Russia. If Augustus III died in 1763, is part of Belarus was annexed by the Russian Empire.
  • October 17 at different times left this world Polish composer Frederic Chopin, the Belarusian traveler and connoisseur of Japanese Joseph Gashkevich and Belarusian political activist and scholar Radoslav Ostrovsky.

MINUS 365:

  • A year ago on the site of "Freedom", "Renovators lost remains of Catherine Sapieha?"

Quote to remember:

  • "The main concern of the citizen — keep your mouth open" — Gunter Grass

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