Alstom plans to localize production of its trains in Russia

Russia, today announced the mega-project on the organization of high-speed traffic to the World Cup in 2018, has become a very desirable market for foreign manufacturers of railway equipment. Trying to improve their chances of getting orders, they already say they are ready to settle in Russia seriously. Thus, the French Alstom announced that it plans to localize production in the facilities related to her "TransMashHolding" (TMH). We are talking about on the platform Coradia trains and high-speed trains Pendolino.

"Trains on the basis of models Coradia almost certainly will be in Demikhova" — said yesterday the managing director of Alstom Transport in Russia and the CIS Bernard Gonne.

Demikhovsky machine works included in TMX, a blocking stake of which is owned from May Alstom (25% plus one share). In TMX said that they already have with Alstom in Russian joint engineering center, which is working on a new electric. "It will be a new train set up under specific operating conditions. It will bring together the expertise of both companies. Alstom for this experience is embodied not only in Coradia, but also in the Pendolino, TGV, AGV », — explained in the TMX.

In addition, according to Bernard Gonne, Alstom is also considering the possibility of localizing the production of its high-speed train on the platform of Pendolino (in Russia they are known as Allegro) to "Metrowagonmash" or Tver Carriage Works. The choice of the site, as explained by Mr. Gonne, can affect the possibility of organizing the production of aluminum cases.

Now Pendolino train on the platform run between St. Petersburg and Helsinki (four semivagonnyh composition). But Alstom hopes to expand cooperation with Russia. "We believe that 40-60 units Allegro trains required for the World Cup, we are preparing for such shipments," — said Mr. Gonne. The cost of one such train is 25-35 million, depending on equipment. The number of train set will be discussed. In the Railways said that while no decision on this matter is pending.

The supply of high-speed trains for the route Moscow — Kiev and Moscow — Berlin Railways has signed a contract with the Spanish company Talgo. But the projects within the World Cup? 2018 includes not only the construction of new highways Moscow — St. Petersburg, Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod — Kazan — Yekaterinburg, but also the reconstruction of other already existing routes as the speed increases to 200 km / h

As explained RBC daily in "Speed Lines" until conditions for participation in the tender for the construction of highways are under development. "But, of course, will be the conditions, implying among other maximum localization of production of railway vehicles and components for the backbone nodes" — the company said. In TMX believe that the economic feasibility of the transfer of production in Russia depends on the amount of the order. If the company wins the tender, rolling stock will be developed under the specific terms of reference.

According to the Head of Product Development of the Criminal Code "BCS" Dmitry Kashaev company Alstom just wants to download the production capacity of the plant, which is partly owned by her. The company Siemens, which is already active in supplying railway equipment Russia, noted that the advantage of localization is the ability to better adapt the technology to the needs of a particular customer of Russian, Russian standards and climatic conditions. Localized "Swallows» (Desiro) will be released the UMMC in 2014. As told in the Railways, the localization of the year 2017 should reach 80%.

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