Altai authorities have restricted access to the forest because of the high fire danger

The authorities of the Altai Territory, where recently the air temperature exceeds 35 degrees plus, imposed restrictions on visits to forests from July 19 to August 8, due to the high fire danger, said on Thursday the management of forests in the region.

According to authorities, during this time on the road leading to the forest, will be organized checkpoints for the registration of citizens and vehicles traveling in the forest, and established barriers. To identify violators of fire safety in the woods and bring them to justice operate special groups.

"This year's abnormally dry summer, the high daytime temperatures. This significantly increases the risk of fire in the forests of the region. But the people who come into the woods, his irresponsible behavior, causing great damage to nature. Since the beginning of the fire season in the region was 864 forest fires and burns, 674 of them — by humans. Therefore the introduction of measures to restrict visits by citizens of forests in such a situation is vital "- are reported to head of security and protection of forest management of forests of the Altai Territory Alexander Zverev.

According to him, in the near future projected fourth and fifth class of fire hazard.

Since the beginning of the fire season was 864 forest fires. Forest area affected by the fire was 4.5 hectares. Among the causes of fires 78% — arson or careless handling of fire, including selhozpaly, 22% — lightning.

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