Alternative candidates overcome one hundred thousand mark


After Vladimir Nyaklyaeu initiative groups other presidential candidates also state that collected one hundred thousand signatures required for registration. Today Sergey Ryzhov stated that he refuses to presidential ambitions. Thus, the struggle continues 14 candidates.

The fact that collected more than a hundred thousand signatures, said today in an initiative group of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. The signatures will be submitted to the Commission in the near future. Mr. Sannikov said:

"One hundred thousand there, it is. Now there is quality control. Normal speaker. Now, people are very active, not only signed, but also to socialize, paabmyarkovvats chances of the situation and everything else."

October 22 presentation hundred thousand signatures collected is planning to hold a presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk.

"It was to explain where collected, as were about why our signatures are valid, and we believe that this should not be the reason for withdrawal or non-registration of mine."

But what is the prospect of defining a single candidate from the democratic forces? Mr. Romanchuk said:

"We agreed to meet after the registration of those people who really have collected one hundred thousand signatures, and discuss the issue. Indeed, there is no doubt that some people will just hand over the alleged hundred thousand signatures. And how many valid or invalid, do not know. Therefore it will be necessary somehow justify who will be eligible to participate in the procedure, and then we will try to resolve this issue. "

In the action group Victor Tereshchenko argue that gathered 98,560 signatures. He believes that in the next few days will be a hundred thousand mark overcome. Mikhalevich reported that during his nomination collected 85,000 signatures. According to him, the speaker can say that manage to collect 110,000. Today, Mr. Michalevic held in Gomel, where he took part in the rally. For Gregory Kastusiou collected more than 80,000 signatures. According to the head of the initiative group Alexei Yanukevich, we can not say that there is some agreement on a single candidate.

"In fact, it is difficult to say who will be registered. We expect that our candidate will be registered. And on some points we just tactical willing to negotiate, but with some of the candidates, if they are registered, and are ready for more serious negotiations. But will be visible after registration. "

According Yanukevich, the presidential campaign until there is "much more freely than the previous one," although there is evidence of pressure on the pro-democracy activists in the regions.

Today, the candidates declined. Sergey Ryzhov from Vitebsk issued a statement that his initiative group stop collecting signatures, no typing required number for registration as a candidate. He pointed out that the reason is not only in a small number of groups, the lack of sufficient funding and limited experience of its members. But in government pressure on some members of the initiative group. Mr. Ryzhov cited several reasons for his withdrawal from the race:

"The resistance to almost all the candidates and their initiative groups to collect signatures. The people of a certain small part of its just afraid to put their signatures for candidates alternative to the current president now. This is particularly clearly traced in the factories, in public institutions. Are warned that if they put their signatures, they can be a nuisance. "

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