Amateur astronomer found, Planet X, and it is approaching?



As the site Fortterranova, just to the so-called end date of the Mayan calendar, amateur astronomer claims that "found" Planet X. Another "Crazy" claims that is not possible, or where all this? Although many people like the stars and the solar system, they are not experts on the subject.

Why do not you check out the proposed video yourself! Identify yourself: this guy really got something, or just another crazy who "barks at the wind?" In the video below you can find more evidence that it really could very well be "Planet X». Or maybe not …

Amateur astronomer discovered the location of Planet X in the sky using a telescope Microsoft Sky World. These startling images are the most compelling to date. We do not notice anything in the visible portion of the spectrum to the human eye, but when the low-pass filter is connected, that's it! The tail of the moon and all! You will not believe it.

(To go directly to the image, avoiding explanations, see about 8 minutes).



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