Amazone ZA-M900, manufactured in Samara, won the prestigious competition


The competition for "Best farm machine in 2011", held at the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation every two years, in the category "The best technique for fertilization and care of crops" won spreader Amazone ZA-M900 manufactured by JSC "Eurotechnica" (Samara).

The winners decided by voting by distributing questionnaires among agricultural experts. Under the terms of the competition, users had to enter the brand of machines and evaluate them according to certain consumer properties. Basically participated in the voting regions of the European part of Russia.

The two-disc centrifugal fertilizer spreader ZA-M with a working width of 36 m is provided for the crystalline and granular fertilizers. The machine can be used for planting green manure. Hinged spreader has a grill for protection against major impurity distribution disc is provided with movable blades, allow to adjust the width of the distribution of fertilizers in accordance with the flow gauge and has the ability to control the width of the fertilizer field boundary. Ability to work one side of the spreader when switching fertilizers on one of the disks. ZA-M spreaders can be retrofitted with devices for parallel driving ErGuide Plus.

There are three models of the spreader: ZA-M900 with a standard capacity of 900 liters hopper, ZA-M1500 with 1500 liter hopper and ZA-M3000, which has a hopper capacity of 3000 liters.

The power requirement for models of tractors ZA-M900 and ZA-M1500 — 80 to 100 liters. with., for the model ZA-M3000 — 120 liters. s. Performance of the machines on the area — 35 ha / h Working width varies from 18 to 24 m, application rate of 20-1500 kg / ha dry weight models — from 345 to 450 kg.

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