Amur authorities adopted a document banning burning dry grass

The authorities of the Amur region on the proposal prosecutor's office decided to ban burning of dry grass in the period of the special fire safety conditions, RIA Novosti Assistant Regional Prosecutor Valentin Bursyanin.

The proposal to ban prosecutors burning dead wood which is often the cause of major fires, the government received in March.

"As part of monitoring the fire situation the prosecution established that in the current year from the date of snow cover in the region was recorded daily about 50 uncontrolled palov dry vegetation, and on some days more than 100. Fire departments are up to more than 50 trips to eliminate them," — said.

Practice shows that the largest number of forest fires is caused by man in mind careless handling of fire, including in connection with the deliberate burning and PALAMI dry vegetation on the land of agricultural and other purposes.

Upon review of the proposals prosecution regional governor Oleg Kozhemyako in May issued a decree "On measures against burning of dry vegetation during the establishment of a special fire-fighting mode." Since its signing in Amuria ban on burning of dry vegetation in the period of the fire regime.

Mentioned resolution owners, land users, land owners and occupiers of land to destroy the recommended dry vegetation bezognevym way, take steps to prevent unauthorized burning of dry vegetation and accidental fires.

As the press service of the regional government, from the beginning of fire season to administrative responsibility for violation of fire safety in forests attracted 80 people, including 43 individuals, 20 officers, 17 legal. Amount of fines imposed totaled 771.5 thousand rubles, collected 543,000 rubles.

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