Ancient Mysteries. Aboriginal Dream Time

December 23, 2011 19:34


Lost cities, magical rituals, fabulous treasures of ancient secrets — is food for the legends. For centuries, these legends inspired treasure hunters and adventurers to risk their lives in pursuit of Stealing secrets. From the deserts of the Middle East to the mountain ranges of South America, from the myths of ancient Greece to the lines of Nazca desert in Peru. The film invites you to travel through time and around the world to look into the mysterious world of ancient secrets.

The dream — the notion of the Australian mythology. Time dream — a description of the period before the creation of the earth, when there was no physical, material world. Most Australian Aboriginal tribes believe that all living things on Earth, are themselves bond and form one large system, which comes directly from their spiritual ancestors of bedtime. According to the natives, every event leaves a physical trace of the whole material world is the creation of metaphysical entities.

Time to dream VIEW Aboriginal still exists beyond the visible world and, through appropriate magic rituals, you can reach him or talk to spirits dwelling there.

Legends, describing "the dream", are the oldest oral histories panavstraliyskoy mythology. It is assumed that this is one of the legends of Australian native, has existed for more than 50 000 years.

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