And do not count on compensation

As a result of the devaluation of the greatest losses suffered those people who are hoping for the promised high interest rates by banks, kept their savings in ruble deposits. According to various estimates, the losses amount to about $ 1.3 billion. However, no compensation from the government or banks is not provided. The representatives of the banking sector explain that they have a duty of 100 per cent of the deposits the client, but the currency selected for savings, — is voluntary.

According to official data, by March 1, the population kept in banks in the equivalent of 4 billion 700 million dollars. It's more than gold and currency reserves of the state. However, developments in the financial markets has led to the fact that only in April Belarusians took money by almost $ 460 million — 10% of all deposits. In May, experts say, the trend is not only preserved but also increased — especially after, as the National Bank began to let the ruble first dose, and then immediately by 55%.

People in bank queues say that no promises "zvyshgadavyh" is no longer lure, even a 20% ruble investments in just a day could lose half the cost of:

"Nobody is not going as well as anyone that does not believe in empty promises. And especially, I think, it's just for Belarusian rubles. More on any deposit their earnings to put no one will. Why? And finally, how much more can be endure this humiliation, which stretches up to now? ".

"The government no longer believes. And no matter how they may have increased their bets

The Government no longer believes …

still under the current policy of a difference of about a thousand rubles on the course of so-called official and black market will remain. When the dollar was officially 3000, the black market for it gave four thousand He began 4000 — has given five thousand He now 5000, but still, we are told people it on the black market even has six thousandth 6200-6300. That is, until the currency in exchange does not appear, the rate will rise. "

Holders of deposits believe that if there is available free of dollars and euro denominated deposits would be completely emptied. However, the Belarusian convert the money for almost three months is impossible, and endlessly invest in appliances or building materials does not make sense. In addition, says financial adviser George Kotelnikov, the authorities have taken care to make it impossible to invest in something that does not depreciate over time — for example, in the precious metals:

"The most surprising to me, that today in his Belarusian state, I can not buy gold for the national currency. Now that's a paradox at all. It just does not fit in my head. All the rest — well, the cost of the total mess. But if I am for your earned Belarusian money in their own country can not convert them to the same gold, what if the value of our ruble? Really say what actually value of the currency? How much does it cost? Indeed, while the solid paradoxes. "

At the beginning of May, retail deposits accounted for nearly 23 trillion rubles, of which exceeded 10 trillion rubles. Popularity of deposits in national currency due high interest rates.

Now banks say they do not bear responsibility for the currency in which the citizens have decided to keep their savings. Only a few institutions in compensation promised interest rate rise — though a maximum of two points. At the same time, only for yesterday in the value of the ruble lost more than half. One of the bankers do not rule out that for the sake of National Bank deposits make up the ante:

"First, we have such a thing as the administrative factor. So I think that the administrative and percentage factor will play a significant role, and that means all the same interest will begin to rise. Course, will be some imbalance as inflation, apparently, is not likely to go down. And if the interest in this case will grow, then, again, we will be a regular strange process. "

Whether the situation is such that people will take away from the banks massively Belarusian rubles, which effectively devalued every day?

Former Labor Minister Alexander Sasnou does not think that is really going to happen, but the moral to this, many are willing. On He said, in the current situation most keenly be no money in the state-controlled banks, and in glass jars:

"I do not know. All, of course, not be taken away. Surely there are people who, as they say, that count on his head Cheshi that the muzzle on the table — still does not respond. Or just do not understand. Course, there are those . But, of course, to hope for something, something had to be dealt with immediately, as the alarms began to come, and not tarry so long. And what kind of confidence we can say after, what happened? . "

Acute financial crisis triggered an outflow of ruble is not only, but also of foreign currency deposits. People are afraid of freezing accounts initiated by banks. Indeed, there are examples of the savings back into currency — not an easy task. The source of "Freedom" from the dumpling today said that a month has passed them by writing an application for the return of the dollar deposit, but the money he still has not seen, and therefore is going to bring to the bank to court.

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