Anomalous cold in the center of Russia will end on Wednesday

Residents of the central regions of European Russia in the coming weekend expect extreme cold, but Wednesday and Thursday in the region, will thaw, which will bring ice and snow storms, reports the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Residents of the center of European Russia still has to survive the frosty weekend. They will continue to provide an anticyclone … At night frost will strengthen to 17-24 degrees in the northeast to 30 places. Day temperatures rise to 13-18 degrees … Pressure will significantly higher than normal. But a positive factor in these short days of December will be the sun, "- said in a statement.

On Monday, the frosts will intensify. At night the temperature will drop to 19-26 degrees Celsius in some places up to 31 degrees. Afternoon will warm up only 14-21 degrees. "Monday will be the last cold day period when the average daily temperature was significantly by 8-13 degrees below normal" — note the weather forecasters.

Tuesday weather in central Russia will drastically change: Atlantic cyclone, due to Scandinavia, will drive back frosty anticyclone to the east. In the west, the CFD pressure will rapidly fall to skyrocket south wind.

Tuesday night will be freezing (up to 17-24 ° C), in the afternoon the temperature rose to 8-15 degrees below zero, snow is expected in some places the snow storm.

On Wednesday the weather will be windy, with snow and blizzards in places. "Promotion of a warm front seats can accompany and supercooled freezing precipitation, ice forming," — said the weather center.

In the afternoon on the west and south of the district will be weak thaw, thermometers show from 5 degrees below zero in the north-east to 1 degrees Celsius in the south and west.

"On Thursday, the area of warmer weather will extend almost the entire district. According to preliminary estimates, on Thursday and Friday, the prevailing average temperatures at night from 3 to 10 degrees below zero at night, from 5 degrees below zero to 2 degrees Celsius," — said the weather center.

Frosts in Moscow to peak

Extreme cold this weekend reached its peak — expected on Sunday afternoon around minus 20 degrees, said weather specialist center "Phobos."

"The coming night, according to our calculations, the air in Moscow has cooled to minus 20 degrees, the region expect minus 18-23 degrees in some places — up to 26 degrees. During the day on Saturday in the city will be of minus 15-17 degrees, region, we expect 14 to 19 below zero. Such weather will be accompanied by a weak easterly wind, the speed of which does not exceed two to seven meters per second, but the pressure will remain high 761 millimeter of mercury, "- said the agency interlocutor.

According to its forecasts, Sunday frost will grow even more in the morning in the capital of the air has cooled to minus 21-23 degrees on the field — to 20-25 degrees with a minus sign, and in places up to 28 degrees. During the day, minus 17-19 degrees is expected in Moscow and minus 15-20 degrees in the Moscow region.

"The fact that the wind from the east will turn to the north-east, in fact, he will bring us even more cold air, which in cloudless weather will further cool down. Due to this, we expect a gain of frost, but the pressure essentially will not change, will remain high — 762 millimeters of mercury, "- said the forecaster.


 More than 150 people over the past day hit by frost in Russia, one in three in hospital, two were killed, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a source in the medical community of the capital.

"During the day, 153 people suffered from frosts, 58 were taken to hospital, two people were killed," — said the source.

Only with the onset of cold weather in Russia, according to the source, 722 people injured, 371 hospitalized and 56 died.


Biting cold kept in Russia for more than a week — from minus 18 to minus 50 Moscow to Siberia. They have already led to the abolition of school fees, damage cars on the roads and disruption of construction terms.

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