As a result of the collection of signatures possible party cleaning

Candidate to participate in the election race UCP Yaroslav Romanchuk October 22 petitions presented to journalists with the right to register the 100 thousand signatures. Thus, today the three opposition candidates have already announced the first task in the election campaign: Yaroslav Romanchuk, Nyaklyayeu and Andrei Sannikov. Gregory Kastusyou, Nikolai Statkevich and Vitaly Rymashevski claim that close to the correct number.

The candidate of the United Civil Party Jaroslav Ramanchuto himself actively collecting signatures for his nomination. He visited many cities in different areas. His company he called "a reflection of the positive changes in the society":

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"I was surprised that people lose their fear … The most important discovery of the company, the people, the Belarusian people are ready for the reforms that we offer. Main gripe is that it was up to me — why are not you on TV?"

The head of the initiative group Anatoly Pavlov said that over Yaroslav Romanchuk has collected about 120,000 signatures, of which only in Minsk — more than 40,000. The initiative group now decides whether to stop collecting signatures in order to save resources. The leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka believes that it should continue until the last day, especially when visiting the regions where there was an active company. According Lebedko, at the end of the campaign UCP members who have worked on other potential candidates have to decide they remain in the party.

"If they have done this time without the party, and the party has done without them. We will then look at the motivation for this … It's a small percentage, but it will motivate us to find those people who are not random."

In BNF also have a few dozen people who worked for other candidates, said the candidate from the party Gregory Kastusyou:

Gregory Kastusyou

"Most likely, we will leave it to the conscience of these people, who have behaved well. Of course, I can not decide alone and to speak for everyone. There will be meeting of the Diet, think about it, we'll talk there. "

Gregory Kastusyou can not yet boast the fact that during his nomination has already collected 100,000 signatures, but hopes to achieve this level until the end of the campaign. His initiative group already delivers petitions to the election commissions. Kastusyou meanwhile, is going to visit a number of cities in the region.

Meanwhile, members of the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva today hold an action abroad, in Kiev, Moscow, Warsaw and Vilnius are collecting signatures among those Belarusian citizens who are sent by train to Minsk. For Neklyaeva already collected about 150,000 signatures and are going to continue this campaign until the last day.

A spokesman for the initiative group Andrei Sannikov Alexander Atroschankau said government pressure on their collector of signatures, anonymous phone calls threatening to activists at the time, as collectors of signatures for Lukashenko enjoy all the benefits of the administrative system.

Andrei Sannikov

"Several times members of our initiative group detained while collecting signatures, our volunteer spent almost a day in jail for having carried the European flag to picket. So we would not say that there are no irregularities in the signature campaign."

Yaroslav Romanchuk, like other candidates, counting on the active and meaningful month of work before the candidate registration and the start of campaigning:

"Certainly, will work with people who need the preparation of information materials, training structures to a very active company. Essentially, it will be given to three weeks. And it is very small. Therefore, all must be prepared to such a powerful resource to achieve 35 per cent in the first tours. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that all issues regarding coordination with other opposition candidates would be decided after the registration:

"We decided when we were in the Lithuanian embassy, five of us talked and agreed that if all this is completed, we will certainly sit down at the negotiating table. But it should be an open dialogue, without the second and third floor and with the people who make solutions. "

But now the opposition candidates to take part in the presidential elections Vitaly Rymashevsky, Nikolai Statkevich Nyaklyayeu, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Andrei Sannikov, Alexei Mikhalevich and Gregory Kastusyou launched a joint action. All of them signed a petition in defense of the Protestant church "New Life". The initiator of this was Vitaly Rymashevski with BCD:

Vitaly Rymashevski

"Our common word and our position of Democratic candidates can influence the position of the European Union, and on the position of the Belarusian government."

Vitaly Rymashevski said that at this time, gathered 75,000 signatures. Most of those who signed up for it — believers of different Christian denominations. By the end of the same company, he hopes to achieve the desired turn. With such a statement was made and in the initiative group Statkevich.

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