As I thought to be dead

You first live Belarusian writer, whom we saw. And who was the first in your life?

Will and Kasia

I fell in a terribly Russified grow at the time of Polotsk, the streets of which, I remember, there was only one Belarusian sign. More precisely, it is not sign, so she survived. On the facade of the old building of the city, "bath", where I was with my dad on Saturday went to wash, brick was somehow contained the mysterious word "Bath", and it is with the pre-reform soft sign. By the way, this monument Belarusization years still exists and I, sometimes, I drive there friends on the tour.

Do not rule out that now as a result of the relentless power of caring about the development of the native language by Polotsk again run teenagers who look for the word "Bath" too stupid, as once I did.

It seems that until the fifth grade, I had no idea that the world is a Belarusian writers.

But once we were suddenly removed from the class and led to the assembly hall, which was at the same time and the dining room, where recently, arguing with an older friend Fimam, I quietly ate 18 donuts and could go on, so they do not run out.

In the room that smelled not just donuts, but less tasteful things, put together the whole school from first grade to graduate. The Director announced that now we will speak Belarusian writers.

From that meeting, remember that the writers were three. In memory they were faceless and nameless, but remember how some of the bad students, and maybe even from teachers belorusofob handed a note to the stage with the question, is it true that "Workers all countries Unite! "in Belarusian will be" hicks around the world, GOP pile up! "The director did not like the question, and she asked for a pardon. Yeah writers are not upset, but rather something razvesyalilisya and answered, although the hall was such a noise that the back row is almost nothing was heard.

However, the main purpose of that meeting (at least in the case of me) reached. I learned that there Belarusian writers who speak whiteRussian language. It has played a huge part of my life.

In the stop, just not completely broken gear, moved some shastsyarenka …

Then there was the first read in Belarusian book — "He was a pioneer," writer-partisan Evgeny Kurt. The work, to be honest, surprised me a believer in words what nasochinyali carefully on each page of any of the previous readers.

However that shastsyarenka NOT froze, because soon I took in the school library collection of Belarusian fairy tales.

By national space was still a huge distance, but vopradnya boy Vova started quietly released the boy Vlad.

How many years ago already terminally ill writer Eugene Budinas came to see me with a young secretary-student to present his latest novel. "Sign the book girl" — Jack asked. I took off the shelf "lovers of her greatness." Zbyantezhylasya girl, and then decided to share his discovery: "Oh, I thought you died long ago …"

In this way, now I become someone for the first living Belarusian writer and thus gives young souls faith in the bright future of the national literature, or at least in its existence.

Belarusian writer lives!



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