Astapovich asked Mackey to defend the old Minsk

Chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Anton Astapovich asked the head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Makei in the restoration of the historic center of Minsk.

In a letter Astapovich notes that, despite the attached regulations detailed regulation of reconstruction and restoration of the historic center of the capital, on the territory of the historical and cultural value of international significance occur two mutually exclusive processes: the search for solutions for the regeneration and harmonious development of the individual chaotic construction sites that grossly contrary to the law, BelaPAN.

According to the author, incorrect attitude to legal documents lead to the destruction of historic buildings, the scale and nature of the site, changes plyanirovachnay structure, landscape, and the way they built the monument, rigging scheme of red lines of historic districts, in including ancient street Nemige, loss of unexplored elements of the former high-density urban historic buildings, creating a new urban situation that deprives the value of its qualitative characteristics, and does not allow for further work in accordance with the restoration techniques.

September 8 union sent the chairman of Minsk Executive Committee Nicholas Ladutko requesting them to take the chairman of the society to find ways how to return the situation to the resumption of the historic center of Minsk in line with current legislation on the protection of historical and cultural heritage, the letter said.

The writer regrets that Public Association has not received a response to its request. Astapovich addresses Makei to help arrange a meeting with the Chairman of the Company's management Minsk City Executive Committee, and requests a personal audience with the head of Administration of the President due to the fact that the protection of historical and cultural heritage and the perfect execution of legal documents in this area, "are matters of extreme public importance."



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