Astral beings are real

Astral beings-beings of the astral plane (the other dimension, the unseen world — whatever you like) with the mind (often — quite primitive) and do not have a physical body.

Some astral beings have the ability to penetrate the human body into energy and feed it with energy. As a rule, the essence of man is not come to nothing. To the entry and connect to the energy of human nature must be a reason — it may be some problems in life, action, event, negative thoughts or beliefs. "Connected" to the person, entity (remember — have consciousness), may further influence the man, his thoughts, actions, behavior and even physical health.

In general terms astral beings can be divided into two groups: internal and shared bedroom.

Own astral entities — is essentially created by the man himself, his thoughts, words, actions. Such entities can be generated by cruelty, anger, the desire for self-destruction, resentment, hatred, contempt, and so on … Appearing on the energy body, they would later have an impact on the person, to persuade him to re-expression of the quality of their parent. With this kind of astral entities person can handle on their own.

Also own astral beings can come to a man of his past lives. Usually occurs in people who walk the path of self-improvement. Thus, the essence of their own past lives come with only one purpose — to people got rid of them completely.

Shares, essentially — it's astral beings are not created by man, and came outside. These can include brownies, devils, demons, angels, ghosts of dead people …

Such entities are usually attracted to people with weaker energy protection at times when a person throws the negative emotions. In this case, like attracts like. People through the expression of negative astral entities can voluntarily integrate into its power and start a full life, feeding on the energy of man and causing him to further negative outbursts.

But it also happens when the essence of the "connected" to a person without his consent (ie, no development of the negative). This can happen in times of stress, shock, trance state, under general narkozzom etc.

Get rid of such an entity is much more complicated. In the first place, because the nature of shares, are stronger and more intelligent. Particularly strong essence are able to influence not only on the thought and behavior, and even shape the events of his life.

For example, an alcoholic decides to engage with alcohol. But astral entities (which is powered by the energy of his alcohol addiction) is not profitable, so it is making every effort to ensure that the man continued to drink. In poor guy could rapidly deteriorate mood falter health, shattered nerves. And if that's not enough, the entity will impact on the people around them, and they unconsciously begin to create all the conditions of ex-alcoholic to drink. As a result, against the poor guy, "the whole world up in arms," and it looks as if God himself told him to keep drinking. Not everyone is able to withstand all the surrounding circumstances for the implementation of its decision, in most cases, these attempts to "tie" choke at the very beginning. And astral entity continues to suck the life energy of its victim.

As for the "acquisition" of entities, there is another way — the essence can be sent from relatives and close friends. For example, from parents to children (anyone can see a parallel here with the ancestral curse), between brothers and sisters and so on.

Why all this?

Touch on the universal meaning of existence and activities of all sorts of astral living creatures (especially parasitic). It is believed that the entire universe is a single living organism made up of a great number of living cells — creatures. And man, being, in fact, a composite cell has its tasks and functions that play a role in the existence of the universe.

And if a person (which has its own will and choice) begins to take destructive actions (thoughts, words, actions) to other living beings, we, in fact, it becomes a sort of "wrong" cell, which prevents normal existence of the whole organism. It is in this case the universe is, methods of re — reduce protection cell (power protection rights) and fill it astral entities that would deprive a person of energy, strength, health and happiness as long as he does not realize his mistake and does not change its behavior.

Thus, you can simply consider the astral parasites as imunnitet universe, which is protective, and along with educational function.

Like it or not — decide. Personally, I prefer this version. I see no reason to experience astral parasites hate, especially since the vast majority of people he attracts them.

Now let's look in more detail the types of astral entities.

Types of astral entities

Lyarvy (sometimes they are called demons) — primitive energy "leeches" parasites. They eat mostly very coarse and primitive energy: a) the conflicts and contradictions, b) unfounded jealousy, c) unbridled lust, d) the desire for self-destruction (self-flagellation, the cultivation of a sense of guilt), e) the gaming excitement (jumps, roulette, etc . d), e) greed, lust for power and material wealth, g) manifestations of sadism (maniacs, serial killers).

2. Lunarnye entity — are active in the dark. Prefer an impact on women — illogical behavior, mental anguish, unreasonable tears.

3. Sloths — generate laziness, apathy, indifference, desire for dalliance.

4. Astral dog — man-made nature, programmed for one purpose, as a rule, do harm to another person.

5. Reptiles or reptiles — entities that are attracted to the swearing, curses others. Just these entities can infect a person intentionally, that is, "Plant reptile." The most common type — a toad. Recall, for example, the term "toad strangling."

6. Natural essence or Elementals — before they were called salamanders (fire), gnomes (earth), fairies (air), sirens (water) as well as many other names.

7. Angels — essentially achieving a high spiritual order, embodying goodness and love. Help people in their daily affairs, instruct the path of light and goodness.

8. Demons — strong negative astral entities plan ("fallen angels"). When a person shares, causing strong deviations of mind and behavior. May also periodically "stick" to the man to feed (incubi, succubi, etc.)

9. Astral bodies of animals, birds and plants that have no physical presence — generally neutral to the person, not parasitic on the living. However, if desired, a person can consciously sat down to his astral body of an animal for any purpose (for example, a bear or a wolf — think shamans and Indians).

10. Astral beings from other worlds and dimensions — it can be any entity that do not belong to our world (our world). Their energy is foreign people are rare.

11. Astral bodies of dead people:

Shell or shell — the astral shell of the dead, utterly devoid of human consciousness. They store only fragments of memory of a deceased person, and may copy some of its features — movement habits. If for some reason the person "caught" a shell, it may appear uncharacteristic features. They say that the black magicians can "revive" these shells, instilling in them the evil spirits, and then these creatures are hurt and destruction of living on the orders of their masters.

Astral bodies of the recently dead people — physical body is dead, but the astral is still alive, and retains consciousness. After a certain period of time (usually 40 days), there is a final separation of consciousness from the astral body, the astral body can be a "shell."

Astral bodies of suicide bombers — a man killed himself, does not receive a complete separation of consciousness and astral body. He literally gets stuck in the astral plane and is unable to move on. With all his desires and emotions that he experienced during his life, increase manifold, causing suffer immensely. Over time, the astral body suicide can be transformed and he can join the ranks of demons and other unpleasant entities.

12. Egregors — highly astral entities generated by the joint activity of people who shared ideas and aspirations. Egregores activity aimed at generating energy from the people connected to them. There egregors religious (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam …), political (Democrats, liberals …), sports (football egregore, for example), social, economic, and many, many others. As only a few people together "under one banner" (idea, design, business, hobby), there egregor. The more people are connected to it — the stronger it is, the more opportunities and has (including the ability to perform miracles).

13. Living people can also be present in the astral plane, interacting with astral entities, while the physical body is not active:

Highly spiritual people, and witches and black magicians — have the ability to consciously travel in the astral plane in his astral body.

Sleepers — every night astral body of man gradually separated from the physical and unknowingly travels the astral plane (mostly near the physical body).


Take for granted the existence of astral "fowl" or not — decide.

by Yuri

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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