Australian Prime Minister said that the Apocalypse can not be avoided



No one can remain indifferent in the face of "the coming of the Apocalypse." Even politicians highest echelon. Thus, the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard made an appeal to fellow citizens, saying the end of the world is unlikely to be avoided. But residents fear the southern continent is still nothing, reports International Business Times.



Standing on the background of flags of States, the politician said in all seriousness that the end of the world is near. "Apocalypse did not come in 2000. And even after our officials introduced a tax on coal, we also did not wait for him. So there is no doubt that this time the end of the world will eventually come," — said Julia Gillard.

"Dear, is still alive, the Australians. Regardless of the fact that our world let you down to the last line — fiends or Korean pop music, you know one thing: I'll stand with you side by side until the very end, no matter what happens" — continued policies.

"I'm sure this event will result in a global catastrophe for all of us. However, all must look for the positives. At least I will not have to participate in these horrible talk shows. Surely you, too, and there are many good reasons to come the end of the world" — concluded Gillard.

Video message from the Prime Minister of Australia, the nation was made at the request of a local youth radio station Triple J, where up to "the fateful date" will be published satirical program "Shaw doomsday" (End of the World Show).

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