Ban on visiting forests introduced in the third region of Bashkortostan

Special fire mode is entered in 19 of the 54 districts of Bashkortostan, under which imposes a ban on visits to forests, as well as breeding in forest fires and the burning of garbage, according to the government of the republic.

Since the beginning of the fire season 2012 in Bashkortostan are 76 forest fires on the total area of 429.3 hectares.

"The main causes of fires in the woods — careless people with fire and dry thunderstorms. During the first half of July, in the mountain forests emerged 25 forest fires. They were quickly extinguished. Currently quenching efficiency is 82.8%, that is, 58 fires were extinguished during the first days after the discovery, "- are reported words of the Minister of Forestry Bashkiria Razhapov Nabiullina.

Special fire mode provides greater control of the implementation of fire prevention and fire safety, duty volunteer fire units, the creation of additional mineralized bands in all settlements, active fire agitation and propaganda in the media.

To fight forest fires in the Ministry of Forestry have been trained and training in tactics fighting more than 3 thousand people, set up 242 voluntary fire brigade.

In case of a large forest fires in the region produced 34 mobile teams extinguishing numbering 442 people from the forestry workers. If necessary, they can be rapidly deployed to areas where a critical situation. Around 432 settlements bordering the woods, held opashka 1.24 thousand kilometers long.

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