Because of the failure to close the ring road Berezniki

In the city of Berezniki, Perm Region September 15, the regular meeting of the Commission on the Prevention and Emergency Response, which addressed issues related to the situation in the area of the crater on the tracks.
Boundaries were adjusted danger zone. Its contour has shifted to the automobile ring road, because the Commission has decided to close on her journey.

The meeting also heard a report on installing expansion joints on the pipeline, which passes through a potentially dangerous site. Commission members also discussed the issue of transferring the gas pipeline and water pipeline route in the village Zyrianka.
In the danger zone near collapse occurred emergency — during a storm due to electrical discharges burned cardboard unexploited metal hangar. Fire was extinguished. Monitor the situation in the area of the crater continues around the clock.
Size of the crater as of September 15 is 129 by 79 meters. The water level in the funnel is 110.34 meters. For pumping water out of the funnel laid drainage channel rassolosbornik salt dump BKRU-1.

As the press service of the administration of Berezniki, sedimentation rate near the crater are 1-25 mm / month, near the park "G" — 0-2 mm / month in the building ABA BSHSU — 27-45 mm / month, between the ABA and automotive beltway — 65-172 mm / month in the garage, gym BSHSU — from 17 to 45 mm / month, supports the pipeline — from 4 to 16 mm / month.

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