Before Buddha statues began lip-sync

In the Buddhist center of Pu Xian Service Center, located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), many visitors could watch the incredible phenomenon. Some of the statues of Buddha suddenly move his lips, blink, move his arms and chest and radiate light. Surprising phenomenon lasted about an hour, after which it ended as abruptly as it began.

Te who has ever damaged the Buddha, rendered themselves enormous suffering and "booked" a ticket on a charter flight to the worst hell in samsara

According to The Epoch Times, eyewitnesses reported that as at first one of the statues began to "breathe" (her "heaving breasts"), then the Buddha became a mass move his lips, blink and even move his fingers. And this despite the fact that some of the statues were made of bronze.

Being in the center pilgrims, according to media reports, grabbed for their phones, and the phenomenon was recorded on video, which was later posted to YouTube.

On one record shows both the swastika on the chest of the statue of the Buddha repeatedly emanated radiance. On another video behind the statue of the Buddha appears blue light.

"Before Buddha statues started moving his lips, some visitors have seen the statues came a ray, and they immediately began to move, as if they came in life," — told the publication Guang Ming Daily representative Buddhist center Yan Ping.

Abbot center Chu added: "Sitting in the open air Buddha suddenly rose into the air and began to describe circles above the ground!" However, according to him, the statue emits very bright divine light, due to which the video can not be considered a wonderful flight of bronze Buddha.

Meanwhile, other statues started to produce sounds. "Their voices were particularly loud and harmonious — says Chu — and sound like from another dimension."

Even more incredible that some people who were at the center, said they had not seen the statue moving. While others were able to witness the miracle, but their records are not affected.

Some witnesses of what happened at first did not believe in miracles and tried to explain the movement of the statues of Buddhas collective hypnosis, but to explain the video, depicting the phenomenon, and could not.

According to employees of the center, such miracles in Pu Xian Service Center recorded before and, as a rule, it always coincided with the impending cataclysm to another country!

Meanwhile, in Buryatia vandals smashed the top of a Buddhist place of worship Suburgan Badmasambave, located in the south-eastern slope of the sacred mountain Chelsana, and stole a statue of Guru Rinpoche who, according to the Buddhists, became famous for being a magician and magician of unprecedented force. It is largely thanks to him that was born in Tibet Dharma teachings.

Apparently, according to Interfax, the thieves thought the golden statue and thought that was hidden inside her jewelry. However, clerics warn that any action against the Buddha and his objects, does not harm the Buddha himself, but the cause immense suffering to the one who does it.

"According to the experience of those who have ever had damaged Buddha, rendered themselves enormous suffering and" booked "a ticket on a charter flight to the worst hell in samsara (cycle of rebirth) — Avici", — the local Buddhists.

They also believe that the attackers brought down the wrath sabdakov — custodians areas — and various orders of invisible beings who will condemn their entire race to poverty, dementia, lack of will and disease …

Gennady Fedotov

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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