Beijing discovered another area ghost

November 26, 2012 23:47

Area ghost in Beijing.  Photo from

Area ghost in Beijing. Photo from

It has long been known to exist in China is not only the area, but also entire ghost towns, which created the infrastructure, but there are no people. Another such area found the Chinese media in Beijing.

Chinese journalists photographed the evening a few long-commissioned Shaoyaotszyu apartment buildings in the area. We see that light there is lit only a few windows at a time, as the windows of neighboring houses are lit almost all quarters.

Head of a local intermediary company that sells second homes, said that in each of these houses 750 apartments, about 2,000 apartments currently empty.

Journalists say that if you look closely, you can see that in many of these apartments are not even made repairs on fixtures for air conditioners no air conditioners, and themselves have already started fixing rust.

Prices for new apartments in the area range from 33 to 38 yuan ($ 5.2 — 6 million) per square meter. The average salary in Beijing is 4.6 million yuan. So, to buy a small one-room apartment of 20 square meters, have more than 100 years to postpone all his full salary.

Shaoyaotszyu area is the focus of flats purchased by the central government for their organizations and businesses. For example, there is the house owned coal corporation China National Coal Group, Petrochemical Corporation Sinopec Group, the Ministry of Communications, etc.

Despite very heavy for most of the Chinese housing prices and the existence of an overpopulated country empty neighborhoods and cities, the authorities continue to invest heavily in capital construction, seeing it as a way to maintain high rates of economic growth.

Area ghost in Beijing.  Photo from

Area ghost in Beijing. Photo from

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