Belarusian village of Ukrainian border


The first impression of the town unoriginal. Cleanliness and neatness. A few neat streets are flocking to a small square with a small square. In the little square is a monument to Soviet soldiers. Near petrified stone crosses time Turov Principality.

For the little square — a brand new house of culture. But once you start talking with the first counter grandmother as an idyll "order and cleanliness" disappears.

The old"The church has been here once, mulberries."

Reporter"Here in this place?"

The old"So. There did not have to make the club. After all, there dug up the coffin of the whole head and all. Burnt people in the war. Alive. "

So much for the idyll. Culture House was built on the bones. In 1942, the year here, away from the front line, there was a real war. Glushkovichi were the center of a huge partisan unit of General Kovpaka. Here, on the edge of Belarus, the Germans pulling together several SS divisions, battalions Berlin gendarmerie, the police of Ukraine, the regiment Slovaks and even departments gitleryugendu. On Christmas Day 1942 punitive drove peasants in barns and set on fire. For those who tried to escape, was shot. Of the 365 homes there was only one. To escape from this hell could one. Including the now 80-year-old Agatha Germanovna Markevitch.

Gap"My grandfather said," Baba, Prepare the shaft, take a little there but we run into the forest. 'Cause I said, said the guerrillas did not stay in the village, go as far as possible. Indeed, one is left earth and sky. After all, the cat killing and a rooster. " That's gone and saved. "

Reporter"There were some schools of standing. A village was not. Net glade. "

Interestingly, the women in the house gapi in 1942 located guerrilla typography. And the garden is still not excavated printing letters that era.

Gap"These letters also buried. Where are they buried? Or dug up, and I do not know. "

Reporter"You have buried the letter?"

Gap"At the end of the barn."

Olga Yafremavna Radilavets — a rare representative cohort of rural women, which, unfortunately, leaves. Olga — the keeper of the old songs and ceremonies. I found Madame Olga in the garden, where a plump housewife dripping potatoes.

Olga"Someday wedding was not as it is now. Snacks cook, drove cars with flowers — and the wedding is over."

Reporter"And turned the tape recorder."

Olga"So. But before themselves singing. "

And then, in the garden of your humble servant has been featured former polis'ky wedding ceremony. In persons with salty jokes. Listen to this short piece. To feel how the old theater was like a wedding — and how today's "wedding" like a pathetic habit.

Olga"Matchmaker go into the oven drop. Or a big pot of porridge, or naedyatsya they are. A marshal go and bake bite. A svyatsilka hearth. It has been a matchmaker for girls, and the girls on the matchmaker. And the older pals tits as pillows. Tits pig stabbed yes to the belly seared. We uncle stole, and under the stove saved. Stupa sunset, backed pusher, not to pyardev much. And squints to see if the oven millet. And here are all sorts of … Oh, beautiful. Any such shootings. Matchmaker for girls and girls on the matchmaker. Young put the pillow. Young sits already groom arrived. Planted with the very young. And sitting on a cushion uncle, or as it was called. The girls have to steal this pillow. And here are all sorts of comedy, but it was beautiful. And now there is nothing. They have already slashed — this food panagatavlyayuts. Oh, oh, at the wedding was everything. A song and dance was not any. At the wedding, you need to accordion and was the drum. And people aged under this drygalku already stydayutstsa dance. "

In 1961, near the Glushkavichav geologist Zingerman found huge deposits of natural stone. From that time began its history shchebnezavod "Glushkevichi." It seems rubble needed in any construction. What roads, houses. And people in the Belarusian stone Eldorado to live richly. But for some reason the picture is not so rosy. Salaries here have never been higher. At the House of Culture of the representative you can meet a man in a leather jacket and sunglasses. This is a club electrician, former director of the plant shchebnevaga Michael Shkudun. Sir Michael told the moving story of his first contact with the president of Belarus. Which arrives here in 2005.

Michal"Arrived in a helicopter. Met. I shook him by the hand. I walked with him, and I thought in my head — Pumas, Cougars. And he said to me, when moved to the side, — "thank you sahraniv people." People here in Glushkavichah, very interesting people. I support him in all aspects. The fact that he had been pressured from all sides, it's all garbage. As a person he is human. I always tear flowing. "

However, a tear flows not from one of the former director. Here on the street there is the middle-aged couple. He retired from the mill to earn money to go to Russia. She continues to extract crushed stone.

Reporter"After Lukashenko came, it became better and was not?"

Woman"It is better to become the club of young people did. And as for doing nothing, then so do. For free. 500-700. This is normal. "

Muzhik"Promises not keep his. First, promise, and then … "

Woman"Although the first elections, and two hands. This is for Pozniak, and I told him how flooded … "

Reporter"Have you had family disputes?"

Woman"So. He is for Pozniak, and I for Lukashenko. "

Reporter"Here and now rejoice because of you."

Woman"Maybe for Pozniak and it would be better."

It is no coincidence that the most beautiful house in Glushkavichah — a former employee shchebnezavodu Gregory Kazachka. Before the house is an artificial pond with a miniature bridge klyumby with flowers. The grandson of a peasant who was shot, the father of three children, a former motor-vehicle glushkavitskaga career, smart and humorous host a beautiful manor house met the correspondent of "Freedom" very friendly.

Gregory"Gomel region itself more voted for Lukashenko's. Lelchitsa — most of the Gomel region. A Glushkovichi — among Lelchitsa. Such people are less than five. "


Gregory"So. It got to the point that only our family did not vote. "

Reporter"How do you live here, a white crow?"

Gregory"Before, I was called Pazniak. After all, I am for Zeno Stanislavovich. "

Reporter"Why did you leave your plant?"

Gregory"And they have a contract with me not concluded."

Reporter"You have suffered for their political views?"

Gregory"They made it so that people work on weekends. It has been five years in the Victory Day people are working. I spoke to the heads of these — who do you believe? If you are the Bolsheviks, why you make the first of May and the seventh day of November working people? If you believe in God, why do you force people to work on the Trinity, Christmas and so on? If you believe Alexander Grigoryevich, why force the Independence day? "

Reporter"What are they saying?"

Gregory"I made them, they have an extra day to pay twice. To pay half the red numbers. There's a lot of drunks. The drunkard is for nothing. He worked for a month for free but thanked him, he was not kicked out. "

Reporter"And you were …"

Gregory"I worked for 17 years at BelAZ driver. I worked as a mechanic. MAZ cannibals we call it. Strong bad. No depreciation. It eats people. "

Reporter"The first time I hear that MAZ called cannibals. In short, a depression you do not fall. "

Gregory"You what? What is depression? I have a doctor look at them. In these patients. It is better to be hungry bird on a branch, than a well-fed in the cell. A Belarus — is a cage. "

Gregory gave me a tour of the quarry. The spectacle is truly fantastic. Nothing like I'm in Belarus has not yet been seen. It resembles a lunar crater among Belarusian marshes. Imagine a huge, about a kilometer in diameter or larger, stone hole. And at the bottom of a deep hole, like ants crawling excavators and BelAZ. A hole on top of a wall of stone dust. It absorbs the weak rays of the setting sun, which sits at the edge of the crater.

For the sake of the heavenly spectacle is to drive three kilometers from the capital. And in this quarry people work for peanuts with no days off. It's not even feudalism. It's kind of slavery. True, slavery without guards with whips. And without Kiraki — it appears that in modern times the slaves can already trust excavator.

Reporter"And people are working in the dust"

Gregory"Without question. Right now perazmenka. You should have seen how much dust on the crusher. God forbid. How to suicide. And as I said to them, let's choose a good presidium. The union will choose good. But if people want to be cattle and live like that — I did not do anything alone. "

And to end our stay like a traditional, old song from Olga Radilavets. After all, slavery is ever to end. A Belarusian song should sound forever.

"Oh, you're my kind, you rodinanka May.
Neither I tsebe, nor do you have the same mene zrodochku was not.
You're my boss, you're my paradnichku,
Take a handful of rye, You go for vodka.
And you, the hostess, whether as a picture.
To skillfully Twitter to welcome our guests.
And all of us and all of us … "

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