Belarusians Russia asked to help create a museum Ales Adamovich


As BelaPAN, letter to the chairman of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy "Belarusians of Russia" Valery Kazakov signed by the writer's daughter Natalia Adamovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich and chairman of the "World Association of Belarusians" Fatherland " Elena Makovskaya.

The letter states that in the fall of 2007 the balance of the cultural department of Bobruisk, Mogilev region executive committee adopted a former pharmacy with land, located opposite the prewar house in the center of the city Adamovich village of Wilderness. "With the many events related to the pharmacy's 1941-1944, described by the writer in his dylegii" partisans. "

The letter also noted that the Wilderness Adamovich lived since 1928. According to his will, the writer is buried at the local

In the whole of Belarus there are no monuments and museum Adamovich.

Cemetery. His name was given to the street that leads from the post-war home Adamovich to school, where he studied the future writer. "However, in the village is still no monument to the writer or his museum. And in all over the country there are no monuments and museum Adamovich — a man whose work and social activities are well known not only in Belarus and Russia," — says the letter .

The authors note that the relatives and friends of the writer, together with the public are going to create a one-story wooden building, the former pharmacy museum "War under the roof", dedicated to the life and work of Adamovich. However, this is a building area of over 105 square meters. m, built over 80 years ago, is in need of major repairs.

The authors of the letter ask Kazakova support in raising funds for the renovation of the building of the future museum.

In an interview with BelaPAN Anton Astapovich regretted that the Belarusian the government has done nothing to perpetuate the memory of Ales Adamovich in Belarus. That is why solutions this issue public is forced to address the Belarusian diaspora, said Astapovich.

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