Berkshire Advisory Group is accredited by the Arbitration Court of Bryansk and Belgorod regions

A large consulting company Berkhsire Advisory Group, has been successfully operating in the market of extrajudicial and judicial expertise in economics, construction and professional assessment of the assets and business, in June 2013 passed the accreditation of the Arbitration Court of Bryansk and Belgorod regions. 
Berkshire Advisory Group was founded in 2005 and successfully operates in the market of financial consulting, construction audit, an independent professional evaluation, assessment and asset management.
In Bryansk (Berkshire Forest), Chelyabinsk (Berkshire Ural), Krasnodar (Berkshire South) are regional offices of Berkshire Advisory Group.
Centre of Forensic Expertise "Berkshire", being certified forensic laboratory will work actively with the Arbitration Court of Bryansk and Belgorod regions.
"Today, there is a significant shortage of certified court experts with experience in construction and engineering, estimating, financial and economic expertise and are able to appear in court to defend their expertise", — said Irina Vishnevskaya, a partner of the company, — "Our presence in as an expert organization on the websites of the Arbitration Court of Bryansk and Belgorod regions will allow the parties to arbitration proceedings involve professional experts with high status and international non-governmental regalia as a forensic expert. The system of quality control, verification and reporting will be carried out under the supervision of the head office in Moscow. "
Read more about the company and its activities can be found on its website.
Information about the company
Berkshire Advisory Group provides services in the field of independent professional judgment (real estate appraisal), Financial advisory and asset management expertise, construction audit. Is a member of the London Chamber of Commerce (London Chamber of Commerce), the results in 2012 included in the list of the largest consulting companies in Russia (according to the rating agency Expert-RA). The company provides services to the top 50 largest companies and banks in Russia, has an impeccable reputation as professionals. Official site

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