Black Label

"Many surgeons can probably remember from his practice when the patient is not dangerous to the ordinary operation suddenly said I could not bear the operation."

This is not fear. Says the patient naturally and calmly, as inevitably expected event. The patient was examined before surgery — everything seems to be in order — and, nevertheless, careful surgeon will not operate …

"Anna has already bought the sunflower oil"

It is well known that at a critical time of severe disease outcome — live or die — is largely dependent on the willingness of the patient. And not just during the dangerous disease. If a person is sure that he will die soon, and calmly talk about it as something obvious, he's probably going to die.

"Ready to go to the other world is more frequent in patients older people, but there is also a young, completely healthy. Nature often goes to meet such a request, multiplied by despondency, depression, loss of interest and energy, disappointment …"

May 18, 1972 in a plane crash killed the famous Leningrad impersonator Viktor Chistyakov. He lived only 28 years, four of them — on the stage. But in the four years he has achieved incredible popularity: he was the most famous artist at the time of the Theater. Komissarzhevskaya.

"He was like a comet that suddenly appeared from the ground and just as suddenly disappeared," — said Gennady Khazanov of Chistyakov.

The repertoire Chistyakova were parodies of famous artists of the late 60's — early 70's. He was talking and singing voices Lemeshev Utesov Zykina, Peha. Performance of the song "Blue Scarf" amazed even herself Shulzhenko. "This is me singing" — said Claudia Shulzhenko listening to singing Chistyakov.

All recognize that talent in Chistyakov — from God! Victor life was very full. He never spared himself. Several concerts on the day — and this is, given that he did not have a soundtrack. Chistyakov, not just to win back the public, it is always part of the image on stage, sometimes even long after he could not get out of it.

He seemed to know what to live for long. Already a week before the accident he felt death. The question of why it black shirt, he joked: "What are you bothering me? I'm in mourning! "

On the day of departure at Kharkov Victor asleep, but was awakened by a phone call. "Flight delayed. You can still have time to … "- was heard in the tube. When Chistyakov arrived at the airport, the registration is over, but the plane had already rolled the ladder, but he still managed to get to the latter for his flight "Moscow — Kharkiv". Luck turned fatal inevitability …

In October 1974, in the village of Don Kletskaya Bondarchuk finished filming the movie "They fought for their country." One night, one of the villagers invited the actor to his bath. When the actors went on village street, their car accidentally crushed a cat. Vasily Shukshin, never believed in signs, uttered on this subject: "It is not for the good it. It must be some kind of grief befall. "

A few days before his death, and George Shukshin Burkov during the shooting were in the same dressing room. This was later recalled Yuri Nikulin. While Vasyl Kravchuk waited freed up artist, he took an empty cigarette box and began to withdraw it something red ink. "Why did you paint it?" — Asked him Burkov. "Oh … The rain, mountains, clouds. In general, a funeral, "- said Shukshin. Burkov scolded another and took his pack with a terrible picture.

The next day in the evening at Vasily Kravchuk picked up the heart — validola not found, and drank a drop of Shukshin Zelenin, who procured for him somewhere Burkov. Then went back to the cabin (crew lived on the ship), and in the morning he was found dead.

Presentiment of his own death and he Georgy Burkov. "For two years he was ill blind — says his wife Tatyana. — Do not complain. I think he had a presentiment of death. In his notes common phrase about himself: "Anna has already bought the sunflower oil". Someone he foretold the time of death, so he told me later: "I live an extra two years …"

Eldar Ryazanov memoirs that the role of the President in the script "Promised Heaven", he proposed a "friend Jaurès." He agreed, but reached for the book, fell and broke her hip. Operation could not do it, but then it would be an actor for a long time on crutches, and he could not wait to start shooting. After surgery Ryazanov called Burkov home. Wife Tanya said that everything was fine, but on the third day the actor died. Avulsion fracture provoked a blood clot, which was in the pulmonary artery.

Throughout recent years, the thought of death did not leave Leonid Bykov. He was depressed and desperate, held that he failed to realize. Some colleagues kinotsehu considered him an upstart, not the director, and the success of his paintings called accidental. With this attitude Bulls could not accept, but prove otherwise considered demeaning.

In 1976, the Bulls, just finished shooting which later became the famous painting "Aty-Baty, were soldiers," suddenly made a will in the name of his close friends. In it, he gave orders about his future funeral, and most importantly, asked to take care of her son. Three years later the Bulls really tragically died. He foresaw his departure or deliberately wanted to lose his life?

As a young man Andrei Mironov foretold by a gypsy hand: Will health problems should take care of yourself, otherwise — early death. But he spat on the warnings and worked like clockwork: starred in the movie playing in the theater, toured the country with concerts. He worked hard to wear — when he came backstage, his face was always covered in sweat.

But not being able to recover, actor again rushed to the scene. Only those closest knew that lurk under the makeup pallor and tenderness that the actor suffers regular heart attacks. Due to the chronic boils his body was covered non-healing ulcers. But Mironov went on stage, his teeth clenched and his pain, boasted ease of movement and ease of dance.

"In 1987, the Satire Theatre went to Riga for a tour. Had to go Anatoly Papanov. But this did not happen — the actor's heart stopped. Mironov said at the time: I'll be next …"

"August 14, 1987 on the stage of the Riga Opera House was the play of Figaro with Andrei Mironov in the title role. Minutes before the final, he made his remark and not settled on the script at the hands of Alexander Shirvindt …"

Black Label

Specialists of Russian experimental energy-security laboratory for many years with the help of unique devices investigated energy field (aura) of the people who were victims of the disaster, were injured or suffered a serious illness.

It turned out that their aura has occurred imprint trouble. And, most importantly, there is a mark not after, but long before this disaster occurred! The photographs of energy field, he looks like a black spot. Experts call it "black mark."

Scientists came to the conclusion that some people are able to accumulate the so-called power of destruction. "It's like a disease-causing microbe, penetrated into the energy field, — said one of the founders of the laboratory Valery Sokolov. — In any case, it is a living substance. Ordinary germs and bacteria entering the human body, immediately begin their destructive activities, but its impacts do not immediately, but after hours, days or even weeks. So with the black mark. " At a certain concentration of this harmful energy, the mechanism of self-destruction of man and then he says to himself, my days are numbered.

"Viktor Avilov, whose popularity has brought the role of the Count of Monte Cristo in the Soviet TV movie Prisoner of If Castle, died in 2004 in Novosibirsk, which was treated with a diagnosis of cancer is the fourth degree."

Hopelessly ill, in fact, the actor began to help an authority in the field of oncology Gennadiy Markov, who became famous in Russia and abroad for its non-traditional methods of treatment, which give great results. The doctor did some ease the suffering of Victor, in the rest of medicine was also, alas, powerless.

"A close friend of the actor Dmitry Chubarov, who brought the artist to the clinic Markov, states that if Victor foresaw his imminent demise. Just days before his death, he suddenly asked to be put on a wooden board, no explanation, just saying so it is necessary. "

When Avilov died, and his body began to stiffen, doctors called for an artist on a wooden surface … …

"Once Igor talc flew on tour with his band. Some of the musicians struck up a conversation about the accidents that often occur in the air. At this singer said: Do not be afraid to fly with me. In plane crash I never die. Kill me on the ground , a large gathering of people, and the killer would be found. He was right. October 6, 1991 during a gala concert, in front of dozens of people, a pistol shot the singer cut short the life … "

Glenn Miller, who was called the King of Jazz, by contrast, was killed in the crash. After America's entry into World War II, he created the orchestra, which went to the U.S. and spoke to the soldiers.

In June 1944, Miller and his orchestra flew to England to raise the morale of the soldiers. In early December, his friends and acquaintances have noticed that usually talkative and cheerful musician became depressed and irritable. In those days, Miller Orchestra was to appear in Paris at the Christmas concert for the Allied troops. The day before the flight, he had spent the evening in the company of engineer George Vutsasa. They discussed plans for the future.

Before we say goodbye, Glenn said, "I do not know why I waste time on such conversations. You know, George, I have a horrible feeling that you guys go home without me. " At night, December 15, 1944 from a military airfield 65 kilometers from London to air rose light single-engine plane and headed for Paris. His only passenger was Glenn Miller. No more planes, no musician has not been seen.

The Mystery of Princess of Monaco

In 1980, two years before his death in a car crash, Princess Grace, the former American movie star Grace Kelly, visited the Institute of Parapsychology in North Carolina, where her six hours were interviewed and examined a number of experts. The visit was held in the strictest confidence. Only recently became aware that the princess has a phenomenal gift of foresight.

"To test the princess used a computer named Horse. Screen has four horses, they start a match in which one should win. The computer knows which of the horses to win the race, but the decision is made by a very complex device, consciously focused on an accident result. before the eyes of Princess took several dozen races, and each time she called the horse, which she had a presentiment, was defeated. Hit Ratio was absolute. "

"I had noticed for a one strange property — said Grace. — I have often had misgivings, I mentally saw before her earthquake, flood or death person I know, and then these events took place in real life. And when I had children and they developed some trouble, somehow I always knew it. I immediately began to hurt the very place that hurt a child. "

"In the last two years of his life princess often said that her days are numbered: I know that I was going to die very soon, and it will happen in Monaco."

Friends remember her other statements on the same subject. "I often see myself in a coffin, I see children crying, attending the memorial service near my grave", — said Grace. Over time, these sentiments embraced her more and more. She mentioned about his imminent end as something completely undeniable.

On Monday, September 13, 1982 a car driven by Princess Grace sat, collapsed into the abyss at a bend in the road in the mountains leading to the summer residence of the Monegasque princes. Grace was sitting next to her seventeen year old daughter, Princess Stephanie. By happy coincidence she escaped with minor injuries, and Grace was taken unconscious to the hospital. Day later, Grace Patricia Kelly, Her Serene Highness Princess Grace Monaco died without regaining consciousness.

The study, which lasted three years, Dr. Morton E. Lieberman of Praytzkerskoy Medical School offered elaborate tests eighty men and women between the ages of sixty-five to ninety-one years old, did not suffer any physical or mental disease at the time of the study.

For a year after the study forty subjects died. Dr. Lieberman compared the test results of the dead and those of the survivors, who lived an average of three years longer, and found that those who died during the year, had a lower level of adaptation to reality, less power.

"Those who are close to death — explains Lieberman — avoid introspection, fearing that her notice. Several statements from which investigated Dr. Lieberman chose what they believe, characterizes them — showed that those to who is approaching death, there was no urgency and aggression, they were more submissive and dependent than others. Finally, thirty-four of the forty deaths per year demonstrated awareness — usually on a subconscious level — the impending death … "

Gennady Fedotov

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