Bloomberg: Russia has maintained a position of world leader in the production of oil

According to Bloomberg, by July 2013 crude oil production increased by 1% compared to last year. Since July last year, Russia produced 10.43 millionbarrels of oil daily. Bloomberg acknowledged the figure record since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

 The increase in production was in June of this year, and then began to decline. According to the Ministry of Energy, in June, he fell to the0.7%.Prior to this period of peak production occurred in 1987, when the Russian part of the USSR was producing11.48 million barrels a day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reduces taxes for low-permeability and offshore resources to maintain the level of production of more than 10 million barrels a day, the agency said. Sales of oil and natural gas is about half of the federal budget revenues of the state.

Production of natural gas increased by 3.9% last month compared to the previous year and reached 1.5 billion cubic meters per day, the report indicated Bloomberg. The company "Gazprom" has increased its production by 1% to 1.3 billion cubic meters. The very state-owned corporation said that the supply of natural gas to Europe and Turkey reached 14 billion

Second place in the list of agencies isSaudi Arabia, which produces9.8 millionbarrels of oil per day.

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