C of the Russian segment of the ISS was first transferred to a broadband information on the laser channel

"October 2, 2012 in the framework of the space experiment (SLS) to test the equipment and demonstrate the technology of the Russian space laser communication systems, conducted by JSC" SPC "SPP" together with "RSC" Energia ", performed a session of data transmission from the communication terminal installed on board the ISS RS, the laser terminal station optical ground station observations "Arhiz" in the North Caucasus (the branch of JSC "SPC" SPP ").

Information was transferred to a total of 2.8 GB at 125 Mbit / s.

The move paves the way for widespread adoption of Russian space technology in laser communication links that are at a lower weight and size parameters of the on-board equipment can potentially provide an extremely high rate of information flow (up to tens of gigabits per second). "

Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency.


I'll try to briefly and simply explain the benefits of laser communication in space is familiar to us over the radio:

1. High frequency radiation used will transfer data at high speed. The simplest analogy — a flashlight that blinks at a rate of one per second switch can transmit data faster than a flashlight, flashing with a frequency of one insertion of two seconds.

2. Low dissipation signal will get rid of large "plates" parabolic antennas on devices running away from Earth, which may have a beneficial effect in the mass.

3. Also, low dispersion signal convenient for military purposes — such a signal is extremely difficult to intercept. 

 At the request of workers added a link to a more detailed description ofhttp://habrahabr.ru/post/153555/ 

There is also a discussion of the prospects of technology here:http://www.novosti-kosmon…postorder=asc&start=0 

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