Case of 14: How was the fate of prisoners?

Society today is the deadline for restraint Maxim Dashuk — One of the defendants in the "case of 14" sentenced two and a half years ago for taking part in protest actions of entrepreneurs. A minor at the time of sentencing the guy had day-to-2 years and 5 months after the work is only at home.

Maxim Dashuk.

Maxim Dashuk — the only one of the minor parties of the case, which began in January 2008. Then, during the protests entrepreneurs, 14 youth activists of the democratic movement were punished by restriction of liberty and fines.

Maxim under the sentence was only after the work is at home. He could not play sports, go to concerts, travel outside of Minsk. For violation of the rules in June 2009, the young man added to the original deadline for another 15 months. So just today for the last day of his sentence.

Member of the shares Andrew Kim today said that he was glad for Maxim:

Andrew Kim.

"He is — an active, purposeful man. Still very young, and he had a lot to learn, how, by the way, and all of us. But if he will work for the future our country, it will be very helpful. "

Find the most Maxima failed. At one time he was close to a coalition of "European Belarus". But, as explained here, so as not to expose Man, the coalition did not attract him to work. Now Max and his mother is engaged in furniture business. And if he wants to return to public life, is still unknown.

Chairman of the solidarity movement "Together" Siuchyk was present in almost all the trials of the "Case of 14":


"The authorities have decided to punish the action of entrepreneurs activists of various youth movements. So there was a" case of 14 ". She once again testified in Belarus no trial, no rights.

The fate of prisoners emerged after in different ways. Part was forced to go into exile, some continue to continue the struggle for Belarus. This case was typical of the current regime. So, perhaps, the most important thing in it — is that due to the fact that society has reacted to this legal fury, accused of the case data were relatively mild as possible. "

Indeed, some members of the sensational cases are now outside Belarus. This is — Alexey Bondar, Artsyom Dubski, Kryvau, Tatiana Tsishkevich …

Andrew Kim, who is still engaged in social activities in Belarus, regrets that it is not necessary to meet all together. Andrew says that everyone fate was in its own way:

"There is, for example, Michael Suboch. This — my very good friend, he's in Belarus, will not leave. He is also a good guy. And really want to meet more often than succeed. Indeed, during the campaign, and I do a lot with the court whom he met, became friends with many. "

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