Chance is the integration of RF and BB divisions CHOP for protection of high-quality?

With nedavneshnego time in Russia there were private security companies, specializing in the protection of objects. But at the time of such functions Russian only did police officers, because any personal companies, for obvious reasons, was not.

Now private security firm involved in a variety of types of security activities on virtually all sites. With all of this fascinating question of their interaction with the internal forces that perform protection of fundamental and highly principled municipal facilities: nuclear power plants, chemical factories, companies producing military equipment, government agencies, etc.

PSE "Cedar" offers protection facilities in Moscow. Experts at security firm doing a variety of tasks, from tracking and monitoring of cargo security facility before crossing Fri control on large enterprises. With all of this professionalism of each of them — a guarantee of security and customer's property.

This interaction is often all kind of mutual complement each other multifunction obligations. One example of cooperation between the PSC and the internal forces can serve as a protection 1st of plants in the area of the Metropolitan Area of the military. Here internal forces are doing security duty on the perimeter of the enterprise, as the domestic check-Fri The entire perimeter of the enterprise at all it is divided into sectors, which are protected by sentries. Moment of carrying out their own sentry duty is dependent on the weather criterion, and usually does not exceed 4 hours.

With all this personal representatives of security agencies are kept under the control of access control on the ground referred to as the facility's entrance, also on Fri entry-exit road transport. The transportation of goods is accompanied appointed, usually from among the employees CHOP.
With all of this may be that most of the personnel of the Division of Internal Troops sent to restore constitutional order in a certain area. Then, by the special directive of the commitments to protect the perimeter of the enterprise to accompany with a private structure. With all of this preference is given to only the most experienced and had time to prove itself excellent personal guards.

Modern realities necessitate cooperation cramped internal forces and private security firms for high-performance tasks for the protection of the principal objects in the field of. But far not every state enterprise in the face of control while going for such integration explosives and CHOP.

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