Chance of whether another military service in Belarus?

Belarus in recent years, with the constant guidance of President Alexander Lukashenko often shows new approaches in dealing with those or other problems. Army Belarus this spring, maybe not live to see some recruits. Belarusians amused yet another innovation in February. The President instructed the Municipal Secretary of the Security Council Leonid Maltsev obmyslit possibility of an alternative to military service persons of military age. He suggested that a draft law on alternative civilian service in Belarus. It must be emphasized that the article about another service exists only in the Belarusian Constitution, the same mechanism of its actions, as well as places for its passage, yet.

For the execution of the order of Alexander Lukashenko has created a working group and pass arrangements. Belarusian youth is interested in at the moment, one that will serve as a determinant for other military service. Intensively discusses the issue in the not so long ago made the campaign "For an alternative civilian service." As noted by its coordinator, Michael Paszkiewicz, there is fear that the implementation of the Belarusian law will apply only to the faithful, while in other countries it is much larger and contains and pacifists. Indeed, there are people who believe that the benefits to society can bring not only a tool in the hands, but also caring for the elderly or unwell. In their opinion, the person who wants to bring social benefits, the right to choose the place where he can do it. There are also other characteristics of mental life, people do not want to be in a closed men's team because of their own particular properties. Our homeland in the provision of other military service too far ahead, you can ask about ACS at least what sign-on religious, antimilitarist or pacifist beliefs.

The main requirement, that these beliefs of the young man was not allowed to pick up a gun. Ukraine has limited the area of release from service only religious beliefs. In Belarus law Another of military service is pending in Parliament since 2004, but until now deputy of the Belarusian parliament did not bother to take it. As the creator knows the law Vladimir Novosyad, in its preparation have been investigated laws of other states, the list of likely places for alternative service life. Ministry health workers are needed to care for seriously ill patients, the Ministry of Labor and Social Assistance required wishing to care for retirees at home. In general, this low-prestige jobs that do not require special skills of low wages. The Security Council already gave top marks to the draft law, but the presentation of the ministries were divided. The draft law proposed exemption from military service on religious or pacifist gaze, but in order to be a pacifist, a young man had to be to one of the registered pacifist organizations, which in Belarus no. In the case of religious beliefs guy had to registered religious organization. Service in this case should continue 27 months, and persons with higher education, 18 months.

Already at the first meeting of the parliament rejected a bill, dubbed the premise of this lack of parliamentary mandate at its creator, Vladimir Novosyad. MP Guminsky also a bill in parliament is elected, and believes that to address the issue of other military services should ministry Labour and Social Security.

The reaction of the Ministry of the following: an assignment to create law The President gave the Security Council as the principal contractor, still intrigued by the Ministry will perform the functions of subcontractors. In March, must pass the Council of Ministers meeting, which will determine the range of responsibilities and each ministry in the development of the law of another military service. The civilized world has long since caused the other military service, and it does not see anything unusual. In the countries of the EU Member States for the passage of another service you just need to voice their opinions. In Germany, the service life is limited to a total of 9 months, soon it will be limited to 6months. It must be emphasized that in Germany such a service selects every second. Our home allows AGS representatives of small nations at their request, with the place it passes them to determine close to home. Typically, this service takes place in the social sphere, and employees working in nursing homes, clinics, in Russia to the list of places likely added service mail. Such servants jobs even close to a lock-up of either the military units. Alternativschiki granted leave, paid wages, they can even be trained in absentia. It seems that the Belarusian army from taking the law itself is excellent not suffer, and civilian society will benefit.

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