Charm tale

October 14 in the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala was a presentation of the collection of fairy tales and author award competition of the same name "fairy tale charm."

The organizers of this charity event Oksana Ivanyuk and Alexander Lytvynchuk did not expect such activity among young storytellers. Girls this month received 74 stories from 54 authors. Members of the jury — rock musician and gatherers Belarusian folk tales Oleg Khomenko, director and actor Vasily Dranko-Maisyuk and writer Valeria Koustova — Carefully read all the stories submitted to the contest. Oleg Khomenko said:

"The most important thing in the story, in my opinion, I remember this story, or do not remember. And it was decisive in my choice: why is this a fairy tale. All those stories that have been sent to the contest, worthy of publication. Tale, as we would anyway, it's still the search for wisdom. Moreover, in the fairy tale is not necessarily must, both fighters: "The moral of the story is …" No, it's every man must find something for himself of what he reads. "

17 best works entered the collection of "fairy tale charm." The book was published in 300 copies, all of which will be donated to orphanages. By the way, children are encouraged to give free rein to their creative flair and color the book.

On his impressions of fairy tales and how it was hard to choose the winners, says writer Valery Koustova.

"Yes, when I read these stories, they are incredibly impressed me. They are very distinctive in their persharodnastsi. Jury member Basil chip-Maisyuk here, but when we were discussing who will take the first place, we almost came to blows. Impressed me so tales of the stars, and it — the music … But nevertheless we agreed to have found a consensus.

Most people, especially writers, they grow out of fairy tales. Tales of growing soul. And all these stories that you have written, they have a very frank, very talented soul. Thank you very much! "

Well, the winner turned out to be just right Ekaterina Goncharova with the "Tale of the girl-star":

"I have three little children. For several years, every evening they require a new fairy tale. And I'm almost every night had to write to them and tell tales. And this" fairy tale about a girl a star "- the first that I came up with them for two years ago. And this is the first story, which I wrote down, because there was a contest, an excuse. And the rest — only in my mind and in the minds of my children. "

I wonder what stories to the contest and sent the young mother, who, like the winner of the mother of many children Ekaterina Goncharova, every night coming up with new stories to their children, very young creators — schoolgirl known writers who have already given out more than one book.

The winner Ekaterina Goncharova

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