Chavez arrived in Kiev to turn the tube

Last night began a visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Ukraine. One of the main topics of his talks with the Ukrainian leadership — the possibility of supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus through the pipeline "Odessa-Brody".

During his presidency, Chavez visited Belarus 5 times, 9 times — Russia, Ukraine, he for the first time. From Kiev, he will travel to Tehran.

Guns and oil transit in Belarus — these, according to experts, will be the main themes of the talks with President Chavez Viktor Yanukovych.

During his visit to Minsk, where Chavez flew to Kiev, the Venezuelan leader said that instead of the current 4 million tons of oil a year, Caracas next year in Belarus will send 10 million tons of fuel.

Hugo Chavez said that "Venesuela has the largest reserves of oil, and enough oil to Belarusian refineries for another 200 years." "There is no debtors — we are friends, and together we are building an alternative to imperialism," — said in Minsk Chavez.

During this year come to Odessa for five tankers for Belarus. But so far, it is delivered from the port in Belarus by rail. It is convenient to deliver it by pipeline "Odessa — Brody", which now operates in reverse, pumping Russian oil to Odessa.

According to Lukashenko, Russia opposes the rotation of the pipeline in obverse, which would have an opportunity to deliver Venezuelan oil to Belarus through the pipe.

However, despite the warm current relations between Moscow and Kiev, Ukraine does not intend to waive any of the additional income, or from an independent policy.

Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Boiko on this occasion said that this issue can be resolved:

"We have the right to choose cost-effective routes our country and its contractors, as well as the Russian partners. Therefore, any questions regarding energy supply and which are of great importance for the economy and politics of other countries, we are solving by compromise, but in the first place put their national interests. "

As reported earlier, Mr. Boyko, Ukraine in November plans to do a test run 80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan oil through the pipeline "Odessa — Brody" in the Oil Refinery.

According to experts, Chavez may be of interest to possible military cooperation with Ukraine, in particular, the purchase of tanks, as well as the possibility of Ukrainian aviation industry. During the visit, the Venezuelan leader will visit aviyatehnichny Complex named after Antonov.

The situation with the possibility of turning the pipeline "Odessa Brody" commented energy expert Ukrainian service of our radio Tatiana Yarmashchuk:

"Ukraine has no legal obligations as a result of which it could not do it. This Russian pressure. Fuel and Energy Minister Yuriy Boiko has to visit Chavez said that if there is a sufficient volume of Venezuelan oil, which must be pumped in the direction of Belarus, the Ukraine may start "Odessa — Brody" in aversnym mode as it is, in fact, planned.

Although the situation here seems rather ambiguous. Avers "Odessa — Brody" has frequently been the subject of political speculation, including by the Ukrainian authorities. Talk rotation being a long time, and this prospect has repeatedly been the subject of conflict between President Viktor Yushchenko and then-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. But before the case never came.

And now it all depends on political will. Boyko said that from the Russian side can agree. But now, between Kiev and Moscow are negotiating on the full range of energy problems — gas, nuclear and oil. And it's hard to say what will be the outcome of these negotiations. The fate of "Odessa — Brody" depends on the full range of energy issues. "


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