Chavez confident of victory Lukashenko and 200-year friendship with him

German, Ukrainian and Iranian media comment on the visit of Hugo Chavez in Minsk.

German media give words Hugo Chavez relatively victory Alexander Lukashenko in the upcoming presidential election.
"We believe in it," — said the Venezuelan government in the course of yesterday's talks with Minsk leadership in the extended format.

According to the German economic publication Finanznachrichten, authoritarian Belarusian regime, now there is nothing to worry about energy sources. Instead of the current four million tons of oil a year, Caracas next year Belarus will send to 10 million tons of fuel. The price that has not been named.

Hugo Chavez assured Alexander Lukashenko in the 200-year friendship. He noted that "Venesuela has the largest reserves of oil, and enough oil to Belarusian refineries for another 200 years."

On He said, "Belongs to the Venezuelan people of Belarus as well as to their own country, and vice versa"

In turn, a great friend of the Venezuelan people swore:

"I swear, we we do so much for Venezuela that you will never regret our good relations "
Lukashenko also thanked Chavez and for the sun, which he had brought from Venezuela.

"We welcome you to your Belarusian land," — said the Belarusian head of his Venezuelan friend.

Some attention Saturday Belarusian-Venezuelan talks and pay in Kiev, where tomorrow will meet Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his distinguished guest of Caracas.

How to write Ukrainian observers, is not difficult to guess that the main topics of the meeting will be the oil and weapons. With reference to the Minister of Transport and Communications Constantine Efimenko noted that in 2011 Ukraine will transport for Belarus 9,000,000 Venezuelan fuel.

Ukrainian media about the words lead the Belarusian leader: "Wagon Venezuelan oil we carry and will carry, but on my knees will not."

Local observers also stay on topic and tomorrow's talks in Kiev. "It's no secret that Chavez is preparing for war with Colombia. In 2009, he made a huge purchase of arms in Russia and Belarus. As you know, Ukraine is very close to the top five world leaders in the arms trade, and produces the weapons that may be interested in Venezuela."

According to official sources of information to Iran, tomorrow night, the high Venezuelan delegation led by President Hugo Chavez waiting in Iran. During the meeting, scheduled for Tuesday Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will discuss "the possibility of expanding bilateral relations"

Are the words that the three countries — Iran, Belarus, and Russia, which from the outset have been identified as key to this great international tour of the Venezuelan president, have to Venezuela's "historical significance."

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