Chavez will discuss in Kiev oil supplies to Belarus

October 16-17, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will visit Minsk, 18-19 — October — Kiev. An important place in the course of its negotiations in both capitals will take delivery of oil to Belarus.

In particular chapter Administration of the President Serhiy Liovochkin said that the Ukrainian leadership with Chavez will mainly discuss the agreement on oil.

It is possible that the main theme will be the delivery of Venezuelan oil to Belarus.

Ukraine — the main transit country for the supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus. While the oil is supplied to the Oil Refinery by rail is through Ukrainian territory. It is possible that will be discussed are cheaper ways of oil transit, namely the Odessa-Brody pipeline. It is assumed that at the end of February through the branch of the pipeline will flow the first 80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan oil.

Both parties will negotiate that are interested in reducing the cost of supplies.

The second point is that Kiev is always looking for an alternative to Russian or Kazakh supplies. All the more so, that the oil deal with Caracas would be through barter. What is particularly important in this context, the Venezuelan oil is much easier than in Russia, contains much less sulfur and recycle it to the refinery, is much cheaper and faster.

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