Chupacabra killed a goat, two punctures and sucked the marrow



In Repkinsky near Chernihiv region appeared chupacabra, which preys on goats. Unknown animal killed the adult goat, which was soon to bring kids.

Goats were in the pasture, and when they returned, the hosts were missing a goat. They went to look for her and found near the pasture. The animal looked like a living — no blood or wounds on it was not. However, the goat was dead. She had no eyes, and saw blade on a piece of skin without hair and two small holes in this place.


The frightened owners called vets, but none of them wanted to come. Only zoologist Oleg Poyasnik agreed to help deal with the strange death of the animal. Poyasnik found that through the eye of a goat brains sucked out, and through the hole on the blade — a piece of meat. Thus it becomes liquid under the action of an unknown enzyme.

The meat was sucked through an enzyme, said zoologist Another hole was found in the spine. Also, the goats were sucked vulva, placenta and water around the kids. According to zoologist, no animal is able to break the neck of an adult goat, and do this to her.

In this case, the locals say that the goats and other animals disappeared before. However, special attention is not paid to this, as it is written off to the wolves.

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