CIS observers start taking

October 20 international observers from the CIS are beginning to track the progress of the presidential election campaign in Belarus. Mission is headed by CIS Executive Secretary Sergey Lebedev. It was he who got the license of the international observer of the number 1.

CIS was the first international organization that applied for accreditation of observers to the presidential elections in Belarus. First 12 observers got their license two weeks ago — on October 6th. This is — the staff of the Executive Committee of the CIS, which work in Minsk and provide guidance of the Executive Committee and their country. But the official start of the observation is given today.

Each country sends to the CIS mission observers. First of all, the long-term. While exact figures are not of their number. But there will be about 30, maybe even more.

For Sergey Lebedev control mission to the elections in Belarus — is another. It was he who carried out these functions and during the elections to the House of Representatives in 2008. Then the mission of CIS praised the electoral process. But observers Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, on the contrary, pointed out: the electoral process fell short of international standards.

If Mr. Lebedev received from the hands of the chairman of the CEC Lidziya Yarmoshyna his ID, he said that the rhetoric that has recently exists among the leaders of Belarus and Russia, did not affect the work of the observer mission: "As for the observation mission of the CIS, we are always guided by the and will be guided by the principles of objectivity, friendly approach, non-interference in internal affairs and that we comply with the legislation of the country where we are watching. These principles are immutable, and we will stick to them. Belarusian voters be confident that our mission will assess an 'objective. "

Co-Chair of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin believes that today it is difficult to predict what will be the conclusion of the CIS observers in the December election: "I do not give unambiguous estimates would. Hopefully, the mission will nevertheless give a reasonable estimate. But in order to be sure of this, we need to meet with the mission . was only after these conversations can speak more specifically, how it will be.

But the chance of that once approach will be more objective, there is. This is evidenced by some of the statements of the Russian side. Namely, Russia will dominate, I think, in determining whether it would accept the mission of the CIS. "
As for the mission of the OSCE, it expects to extend to Belarus 40 long-term observers who will monitor the progress of the electoral process equal. They plan to arrive in Belarus in mid-November. The head of the mission and its membership of the yet to be determined.

At the last presidential elections in Belarus were working with the long-term and short-term monitoring more than 400 observers from the CIS and over 500 — from the OSCE.

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