Civilization stones

Dramatically in recent years a growing interest in search of unusual life forms. The first thing anyone noticed scientists were honored boulders scattered around the world. The reason was their amazing feature … make separate trips in the area. When scientists a closer look at the private lives of giant boulders, it was that close to mankind there is another, a silicon life form — in fact, civilization stones.

They breathe!

The first to suggest that the stones — they are living beings, were French scientists. Western media a few years ago just talked excitedly as Dr. Richard Deman of the French Lyon, said that the stones on the breath away from three days to two weeks, and find their heart rate is possible only by means of very sensitive equipment, as each stroke last about days! Discovery, as is usually the case, there was absolutely accidental. During scientific experiments doctor, not having at hand a professional press, using instead a large rock. What surprise the experimenter when he discovered that the stone pulsates, and does it completely on their own. Struck by a scientist to verify his guess, combined with stone electrocardiograph — the effect of weak pulsation repeated. Then Deman invited biologist Bertrand Eskola, together they conducted a number of experiments.

The researchers found that the most common rocks not only breathe, but also moving, though very slowly. By measuring the average step, the researchers photographed one of the stones at long intervals of time. As a result, it was found that fourteen days stone moved by 2.5 mm. Seemingly minuscule! But this fact explains the abundance of walking stones, known around the world. Academic science reacted to the statement of experimenters extremely skeptical, not denying, however, "the possibility of independent movement." Strange movement due to cooling or heating of the soil on the contrary, that a specific interval, then "sucks" on the contrary "pops" from the rocks themselves, through which they can theoretically move. Possible ripple and stones from the ion exchange with the air, as well as the absorption of the stone water and carbon dioxide.

Trovanty — civilization "living" stones

It seemed that the stones themselves traveling the world, a rare occasion. More recently, researchers have thought so many phenomena, as long as there were not open trovanty — boulders, with unique properties — can not walk, grow or multiply!

To sum up all the features of these rare creatures, we can safely say that scientists have discovered is the real eco-village living stones, located in the central and southern Romania. Externally trovanty do not differ from the usual large boulders in many scattered along roads in Russia and Europe. They, like their conventional counterparts, have a round streamlined shape and devoid of sharp protruding corners. The unusual properties of these stones were discovered by chance, thanks to their outlandish ability to multiply by budding. First, a large boulder there is a small-bud outgrowth. Then a small boulder swells and falls off in the biological host. It is important to note that the newly-found broken away from the parent body of the boulder has its own growth center, which means it is about a new, independent body. "Newborn" is growing rapidly. There are cases when the stones pound swelled to several tons.

The size trovantov, like any other living organisms are strongly affected different sediments. It was after a heavy rain, researchers have witnessed an increase growth of boulders. Scientists who have studied trovanty, initially decided that the stones have a specific structure. Apparently not! When several "experimental" cut in half, found the most ordinary cemented sand and a large number of mineral salts. Scientists have made the assumption that the moisture that falls into the stone, reacts with minerals, there is an expansion, and therefore the observed increase in visual gems. In addition, the researchers discovered the unusual cut of the ring, similar to what is observed on the stumps.

The greatest number of trovantov today can be seen in the Romanian Valchi whose people do get the hand of the "living" stones souvenirs and sell them to tourists. So today, anyone can go to the home of Dracula and buy stones for seedlings.

Made in Russia

However, so far to go and not have to: ethnographers recently found out that Russia has its own habitat "live" rocks in their properties is not inferior to foreign trovantam. In Russia, the boulders can be found growing in the Oryol region. For example, in the village of Andreyevka, according to local regional specialists in the fields occur periodically, "shoots", and not crops, and most of these boulders. As if by magic out of the ground and begin to grow showing massive rounded stones. Moving into the "adult life," Stone begins his journey to Upland.

In contrast to the Romanians, the locals feel about their boulders a mystical awe, believing that rocks rich in the special power of the earth, they can be transferred to any suffering. It is not known whether the stones help actually, but this belief is quite stable in rural communities. If we talk about the internal structure of the "Orlov trotters", they are similar to Romanian and consist of compressed sand, however, despite its apparent fragility, beat them quite difficult. For his "life" Russian boulders have time to grow from small to multi-ton stones megaliths.

Likely habitat "living stones" is not limited to Romania and Russia. Just in these parts the locals were the most observant. Certainly, the representatives of the "stone of civilization" is in many parts of the world. However, the phenomenon of "living" stones are much wider. After all, if they are able to breathe, to move, to grow and reproduce, then all signs of a living being from inorganic materials. It is possible that these stones possess their own consciousness.

Among the most famous "revelers" can be called Sin-stone in Pereslavl or boulders traveling in Death Valley in the USA.

Dmitry Sokolov

Category: Unexplained Phenomena

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