Coalition forces in Afghanistan, cut off from supplies

On the Pakistani border is a period of 3 weeks last block of columns that deliver goods to the Afghan contingent NATO. This power solution Pakistan was wrong after the strike aircraft NATO November 26 Pakistani parts. As a result of this incident killed 24 soldiers. About half of the cargo for the international coalition in Afghanistan, which has 13 000 troops, comes through the border points Shman and Torkham in Pakistan.

Barack Obama, the U.S. president, has expressed sympathy Asif Ali Zardari, the head of Pakistan, but did not apologize. This event significantly increased anti-American sentiment in Pakistan. There have been several anti-NATO demonstrations. In the final, held in Islamabad on December 8, assumed the role of approximately 800 people. Authorities Pakistan argue that NATO should apologize, as guaranteed in the future security of the Pakistani armed forces.

The representative of the international contingent in its own statement that the blockade does not interfere with the supply now conducting coalition operations. But the question of how long this situation can last, he refused to answer.

Coalition for 52% of cargo transported through Central Asia on the roads. Also coalition and a transport aircraft.

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