Collector of signatures is suspected of a crime

This is the Vitebsk activist Alexander Golovanov said last night in a police station. Man arrested after collecting signatures and collected "as evidence of" white-red-white flag.

Ales Halavan said that back home at around half past nine in the evening. In the yard of the house where he lives, he was approached by the police, said that he looks like a criminal offender, was taken to the medical examination, during which it was witnessed that the guy is sober. Then Ales Golovan taken to the police station, where up a report on all the things that were with him, in including subscription lists and identification of members of initiative groups Ales Mikhalevich, Vitaly Rymashevsky and Gregory Kastusiou.

The police seized the activist white-red-white flag under which he is collecting signatures for nomination of potential candidates near Polotsk fair, saying that he could be material evidence in his criminal case.

The activist said that is not about which criminal case conducted, and no cause for a not know. Today at the 14th hour, he must appear before the investigator to the First Department of Internal Affairs.



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