Contact with other worlds.

A person is born into this world from the unknown world he did, before conception and leaves our reality into another world, a world of the dead. However, this period of his life is not limited.
There are periods of unconsciousness, and close to the waking state, that the brain, for some reason does not want to commit as a reality.

On sleep in humans takes about 1/3 of life.
To life in the memory of about 1/4 of all life.
And the rest of the time a person spends in a trance for their own reasons: drunkenness, drugs, brooding, forgetfulness, etc.
But in nature there is still a time to contact with other worlds. And that is as natural for us as is, or breathe.
The danger, the threat of death is all around you and the other worlds too. That is why nature has taken care of the survival of creatures.
People are used to divide the world in their own and assume that their division is correct.
But the world is not divided, it simply exists in all the variety and forms, and other worlds too is there.
For many centuries the evolution changed and brushed animate and inanimate forms. And what we see now around the world of evolution thousands of living species of plants and animals, and millions of years of change in the world of minerals and compounds of the earth.
The world is huge, but it changes, grows and moves, respecting their values.
Other worlds, or something unusual to us, has been with us, and so close that many feel it. But the animal instinct helps avoid these contacts.
Contact area with the other worlds is very easy to define.
Enough to listen to, watch the behavior of the people, animals and plants look.
Fear, bad coordination, abnormal growth, a strange way of thinking, and even unexplained violent joy, all in line with the area.
Worlds around us so much and so many, that the human mind is able to capture only 1/2000 part of them.
All of them, including the beings from other worlds, may occur in these areas.
People looking for contacts must afflict almost all the contacts are in a very limited time of 1/10, 000 second to 1 — 2 seconds. During this time, the human brain is undergoing tremendous changes, electromagnetic, chemical, physiological, and even changes in atomic. After such a short exposure brain is unable to work for 2 — 3 hours!
Area exhausting man is a dead end in which many happy to go, both by humans and by other entities.
Alas, we must recognize not only the people do not understand what they do!
All this comes from lack of knowledge.
Zone — is unmanifest reality. In such places, all appears wrong.
Time, matter and energy are inaccurate perspective, they are close to reality, but not quite! Everything here is really like, but at the same time it has other properties.
Imagine yourself in a place like this:
time flows differently, everything changes and the laws discovered by people working in almost correct, but almost!
Contact with other worlds can not be carried out in areas!
And not just because everything is distorted. But also because your world is different!
After each contact zone itself is changed, people, plants and animals found there.
And even change the structure of matter itself.
Of course, people are curious and still go to the zone, but there is a more gentle way of contact and more civilized.
In ancient times, people used it to them …
This method of contact near the zone, without disturbing her.
Man communicates with spirits poluduhami or other entities under the supervision of older, wiser people are not coming into the area. Of course, the information is slightly distorted, but it is more than compensated by the fact that the quality of the information, it was a lot more than in the area — the number. And here contactee chooses the distance to the zone, knowing the possibilities.
Spirits also better go to the contact that way, they do not have to adapt a person hold back, their house is free (they consider the area their home)!
No hostility on their part.
Do you think it is easy to talk to a man standing close to you?
Try it yourself. — Well, how inconvenient!
And they are even more so. And it is very dangerous for people.
And manners, oh, these customs, habits and temptations.
At a distance, they are weak, but close? As in humans, and others. Do not tempt!
Each has pros and cons — do not forget about it!
This is the most basic security measures proven centuries.
Worlds and beings are different, but the error in contacts are the same!
Do you know who is in the first place by the creatures and spirits

— People who do not want contact — they come first. They are not done stupid things and not come back, which is not necessary.
— People who love nature, space, animals, etc.
— People are hungry for contact.

Now let's talk about what you're looking forward to.
Other worlds lie in the deep, thick energy. To know they need to find a place with great energy — Zone.
Zones occur where faults, abrupt change of the landscape (mountains in the steppe, and vice versa), water obstacles with transitions in the cracks and fissures of the crust.
Cracks and breaks ground generate shaky ground reality.
A sharp change in the landscape creates changes in the properties of air, which leads to more energy.
You understand the principle, a sharp change of reality creates the distortion of space and, hence, increases the possibility of manifestation there other worlds.
It is advisable to contact in the morning, but in principle it is possible at any time.
Try it, look yourself in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other clear … in a dream, etc.
Only practice can tell what's yours!
Just be aware — the brain is not ready for prolonged contact, max = 10 minutes of communication, then rest.
A year later, the practice can be reduced to 1 hour — no more, because it is dangerous to your psyche. There may come a shiz or glitches, or crazy! Call it what you want.
And most importantly, make sure your condition, the effect of contact with you.
If the contacts you stay yourself, no better, no worse, and myself, it's okay — you're on the right track.
If the contacts you good or bad, or any other you, stop contacts — this is very dangerous!
Very! Understand, fix what's wrong and go to the stars of another reality, of sound mind and memory.
The fact is that places with strong energy, magnetism, electric fields, emotional energy, a sharp change in direction of movement of water, air, vibrations transform our reality, making it more susceptible to other worlds.
However, pay attention to one important quality that belongs only to other worlds. In areas of the world is asymmetrical, that is to say in these parts may be 2 +2 = 5, and can = 4.
Trees grow a bit wrong, the animals almost correct, the structure of minerals, too, almost natural, but "almost" is everywhere!
Please note, this is an accurate indication of contact with other worlds.
Our reality is foliated with a layer of a different world. In the area of the worlds unite or connect to the interchange fields.
Any reality to be correct to pass through other worlds, just so she can live.
It looks like a river that has a beginning (microcosm), flows into the ocean (creating our reality) and evaporated in heaven (into other worlds in certain places). It is in the area and there are transitions of our reality to another reality.
Permanent zones on the ground a lot, but most people call a bad place, in such places can not put a house, live, etc. (feel bad, both people and animals, plants do not grow).
Time zones manifest themselves only at a certain concentration of energy of the earth …
There are time zones that appear only after a certain time.
There are emotional areas, once these places accidentally ruptured a reality, and now in the patched area when determining your emotional energy gap could happen again.
Your Sesilion.
Each area is different, and it is better to know the nature of the distance. Do not forget this! You always have time to enter, but the exit??

How to see other worlds, or ways of understanding the worlds.
Our mind, the brain, the mind, the spirit, the desire to relate to our ideas about the world.
And much of what we see, we are aware of because it can see and feel other people, it is so accepted, and what is not accepted and is not normal, the brain does not pass to the realization.
Man is made in God's image and its potential is the same as that of God, the possibility — of creativity and self-improvement.
Before I teach you to look in a different world, we must understand ourselves, and what we see.
Our body and all that it feels (taste, smell, feeling, hearing, sight, touch, intuition, dream, faith, feelings). It's used by us in our body.
But if we imagine that our body is traveling, how our brain starts to record information from the new body image, imaginary, but real to us and is 100% (the astral body or mental or …).
But there is another way, it is — God, the creator, Mother Nature, unity, community and reciprocity with him.
This path leads to the fact that the brain perceives itself as the body of the wide world around — the whole universe and is aware or not aware of it, but the brain begins to gather information from everywhere.
There are no barriers to obtain information for the mind and the mind of the poor, which, as the avalanche of water, get endless knowledge.
This continues until the mind, the mind of man (if, of course, did not come down from this crazy and imagined himself as God) did not realize that he just got into a global library of knowledge.
Or in a simple way — in the subtle plane of the world that contains all the possible options for its development, a point or an intersection of events that will happen is inevitable, but can be realized in a weak or strong will.
The man, realizing this, realizes that his mind is too similar to the Divine and is left to the will of God, leaving himself only one to do with this knowledge is not going where they are. Treating people predicting the future, looking to the past or the future. In practice, practicing their use.
If a person through this level, he goes on, is not sharing his mind and the mind of the divine understanding.
This is easy to understand.
With the explosion of the universe was born of her spirit, the spirit of which, after, went into the matter and has it, it is a fundamental principle of all that is in the world.
This spirit is immutable and constant, and when the matter calm down and disappear in our universe, the spirit, too, will meet in a point and show itself again, but in another explosion, another universe.
Man also has this spirit, he has a spirit (a reflection of his mental cases, emotions in the matter …).
At this stage, the person feels himself to the world community, but his spirit and the spirit of the universe is different.
Only when man gives up his self thoughts, the emotions believing that his emotions are more important than other emotions of the world — and present, is aware that he is a part of the world of emotions, it will enter a new stage.
Step spirit of the universe, or in other words, the spirit — it's just a tool for creativity, no matter whose it was, yours or someone else's. It does not matter whose idea it was, you just developed it and created in this world that you could. Letting go of the idea and thanked her for what she found you.
— Modesty adorns the man — so they say.
But here it is different.
You gave birth to the idea, the spirit, the word father of the child — you just created, and then help it to develop — the idea, the spirit, the way, baby. All of that now belongs to God. As well, and your soul, your body, which is given to you at the time to be creative.
(Creativity — is the manifestation of the Essence in us planted in us by God)
Now I can move on to the vision of other worlds in other universes.
When you realize that you can do or not do, that everything is One and Divine!
You understand that our world is just reach in the energy space, which has the power levels at various points, that in some places, these forces combine and give rise to matter, but in other places, forming a ring — not a manifestation of the "matter" for us.
And then, you feel, you will see a divine infinity, the boundaries of our world twisted in an infinite plane, and where this three-dimensionality is over, and the rest — only the lines of force of the spirit of the universe.
I was surprised by the mind, and that allowed me to look at the will of God for the face.
And very grateful to those who helped me to do it!
"While certainly there are people more deserving of this knowledge than I do, and seeing more and better."
There, on the edge, connected or in contact with each other and the lines of force of different universes, their energy, these forces balance each other emotional background.
People who do not realize that their soul — is part of the divine soul, not when you do not pass this line, and when they do not see other people's worlds.
Only a pure soul, connecting his soul with the Divine, can pass freely along the lines of force from one universe to another.
It's just, my soul lies in my God, it's part of his soul, and I, just fill it — the emotions, the bank and developing soul — I make with this tool that God has given me.
If you read all this, you feel your body, soul, spirit, and know that this is divine and given to you on time.
All this is one with the Creator — create, as he gave you time and this tool. In union your body, soul and spirit.
Change their awareness and understanding of this, and you open all the worlds that are around you, and which, by the way, they saw all the children up to 2 years.
While this awareness of children, will not hinder the development of the soul, spirit and body.
And then, it is closed in a separate capsule for their proper development, as long as it does not need them.
And you, the adults have already formed, open the capsule proper awareness and born again.
The only thing that we can in this world — it's to do with the body, the soul, the spirit, given to us by God in the time of our lives.

I saw a body, soul, spirit alone just because. In the compound can be considered infinite number of times. And the findings do different!
Body — help your body develop properly and take care of him. Help others.
Soul — develop your soul, and therefore love to others and to themselves. That's what should have your soul. Help other souls it filled.
Spirit — have any knowledge one spirit (the spirit of those who brought them, and the spirit of the universe, where they are collected).
Get creative with the spirit, and then release it with this bunch of knowledge, which he held for the creation of something.
Help other people to be filled with the spirit and keep the knowledge to work, and then help them to let go of the spirit and the knowledge that it contains a single spiritual world, and knowledge in the library, where they should be stored.
We — in the Library, in the unseen world — in the astral layers of time.

  Creativity —
This is the embodiment of the spirit, the feeling that you can do something, little idea of knowledge and the search for them. The attraction of a magnet, sifting through a sieve intuition. Birth of thoughts and ideas. Construction of additions to them, consciously knowledge and experience with the matter. Result. Improvement. Practice. Refinement. Holiday conscious awareness. The dissolution of the spirit of the case. Exemption from the spirit of the senses, the old idea and unknowingly caring spirit. Return of intuitive knowledge repository of the world with the addition of your knowledge. And finally — the free passage of the lines of the spirit world through you.
I gave you direction and hope that this sacred understanding, help you live and make your life more byte. And please note that this is taken from reality, thought out, and if you start to show something different, you know, is the unknown side of you (in the union of the soul, the spirit, the body)
Want, develop it, change, improve, bring it to the desired your presentation. Want drop.
Her Majesty, the practice will show you and tell you that, on, do it!

Putivoditenl by hearing and hearing the inner world.

If you relax and sit in a comfortable position for you, close your eyes and begin to listen to the world around us. You can hear noises, squeaks, and in the distance the engine humming, the noise from the buses, trolley buses, noise from neighbors, and more.
If you will, more and more you listen to perfection develop your hearing. And you will be hearing a lot more sound than before, will hear more and better. But this hearing the outside world. Listening to the world.
In order to develop this hearing is a simple exercise:
— Take a clock that is ticking softly and put them beside her, so that you would have heard them tick.
— Put them away, that you could barely hear them.
— Listen to the ticking, trying to hear it better and better.
— Listen alternately those hours. The sounds of the world around you, learn how to switch from one to another.
— When did you learn to hear them pretty well for a few days or weeks, move them to a greater distance. Again, listen. Not peretruzhdaetsya themselves. Easy does it — the race. Better every day, little by little 10-30 minutes than overworked and throw of clairaudience.
— Good luck to you, to surprise yourself and amaze others
There is another hearing, which I'll tell you. If you start to listen to their thoughts, thoughts that arise in your mind. Then gradually you begin to discern his thoughts. What do you think (that was yesterday, the day before). You'll watch them as they arise, as penetrate into the past and all of a sudden you start thinking about a long-gone, or are thinking of loved ones.
You will understand how they happened to occur: the thought of women, men, like having your desires and dreams. You all will be different.
Gradually more and more deeply comprehending, will come to the world of hearing, inner hearing, hearing your inner world.
But here is where the mystery lies, somehow breakout occurs after you start to hear your inner world. You begin to hear not only the inner world of his own, but the inner world of others. Surprisingly, you start to hear people's thoughts, you begin to hear the invisible world. To feel, to feel other people's feelings — other people or even people (spirits of the dead souls of people, plants, and so on).
To hear their thoughts, strange emotions which you do not, then you're good to your already different, and some are not, they are not trained and do not know it.
This alien emotion. You will be able to clearly distinguish the thoughts of other people, because you're sitting quietly catching surprising ease and surprising chasm thoughts of others. This is a fantastic and surprisingly, it seems the whole world that surrounds you will through your inner hearing to come near you and fill you. You feel this incredible …
When there was an opportunity to sit quietly, I closed my eyes and listened to the inner world. Fragments of his thoughts, and that occurred at this time in my brain. Gradually, hour after hour, day after day, the micro steps I moved forward and began to hear not only your thoughts, but other people. Alas, I was not able to develop 100% accurate hearing all thoughts (but something that I can sometimes be). Why, there are many unknowns.
But I liked to hear — the invisible world. The one that called the world — Elemental, astral world or in other words, the invisible world.
Nonsense is nonsense — you might say. I would not say that! The fact that this hearing helps in life. Because before any action happens in reality something should happen to occur before three events:
this matter — such an event, which would be a future event filled with energy.
Soul is filled with such a sense of similarity, and feelings that arise in the event, like the future of the event.
spirit, the thought of the future event.
The combination of these three variables and generates byte happening (event). These three values are caught and Clairaudience, clearly feeling and clear other people.
Feeling people feel impending vibration coming from the future and the strange feelings that overwhelm them (sadness or joy, images or strange thoughts — the spirit!) Similarity produces similar — so they say.
It is these three components precedes future events. All three of these values feelings, energy and spirit of this event coming change. JUMEIRAH and the event takes place in reality.
Although now I have gone even further and realized it was just the future is embodied in our reality in the matter, soul and spirit. And then it happens here.
So what if we use this knowledge, you can freely and easily with hearing, vision, or just intuition, at least partially understand what will happen in the future. Or anticipate events, sometimes all it is called differently, the signs that you see.
Of course, hearing, is hard work and requires a lot of work on myself and settings and filter the information you receive. Like any job!
And try to understand (translated from the images that you see on your clear language), to separate the thoughts of other people and all kinds of glitches that occur when hearing, foreign interference, and the rest is pure information. Although it is not as important as the attitude of understanding and love, which you sow with the understanding of the invisible world.
Many say that it is impossible to get clear information. I smile, hearing that.
And I say to such people: "You have to have more love in my heart and to work harder on yourself. Loving the world. Because without love, you can not even write a simple letter — so it needs attention and effort."
Without love, it is not possible to learn anything, and create anything worthwhile, and if you try to create something, then Poviat, it will last a long time!
This law, unwritten, but the law.
And yet, if you want to achieve something and understand much, help others. I'm in the invisible world of much help, though it seems impossible, but if you listen, you can do it, how do you help your friends by phone advice or a kind word.
When you think and look for an answer to a question and can not find it, your thoughts are separated from you and fly off in search of solutions in the form of a ball. And they are looking for solutions around the world. And somebody like solving can help to understand and you, or rather your sphere of thought. And then the ball comes back to you with the image of the solution, and suddenly you know where to find the answer. This happens unconsciously. So that helps, even if you do not see and do not know the speaker.
I try to help in our world and the invisible world, my understanding that I have, I answer with love as the understanding of himself.
Of course, before that he prayed to God to direct my thoughts, and I explained to them, they understand. For God reigns in heaven and on earth. And believe me, the love of God is the same everywhere, in all the worlds!
I do not know how much I've helped them or I'm not, but I do it because I can, as indeed would have decided in our world.
And as a result, I have a friend in the unseen world, who know what I was a guest and help to understand that I do not understand and do not know their world.
Our world is the continuation of their world, and their world is our continued. If an event happened that world, such an event will happen in our world, and vice versa. Continuation of the visible and the invisible opposite. But that's what this first, I can not say.
Helping here on Earth, I am learning that there is. Helping out there, I'm in that world. But without love, without showing attention, care, can not help in that world is not here.
Love is necessary to accumulate as precious drops that drip around. Love is kept in our vessel, our body, soul, spirit! From which we draw and help others. And that love comes back to us and fills us again and again.
God for his love created the world, and we learn to love that. What would you create and edit your own — yourself, and help others by doing anything that people need and everything in this world.
If you think that I'm only dealing with the unseen world and listen to the world that you are deeply mistaken. I'm everywhere, the one that suits me and developed me. Reading books, drawing, writing little by little, get in touch with interesting people. So when there is a free moment, I go as a guest of the invisible world — listen to it.
So now I try to develop his speech. Learning eloquence — a lot I know, but I can not say right. Still developing memory and understanding.
Of the contacts appear to my stories about the invisible world, and some scenes for fiction. I think that those who go on this way will achieve better results than I did. And God help you!
Just remember that, in any world, no matter where you were love of God always comes first. So the world, everyone loves the one who created this world with him.

What you may encounter with these contacts:
— Emotional storm, it arises from the fact that the idea of man or someone comes with emotional force. But each person is different, this barrier. You got used to my emotions, and many do not even realize that they can have someone else's emotions during intercourse. And so unprepared person perceives others emotions as the emotional storm. Especially, if the person sending the thought form of nervous or upset. And this strange condition can bring you to tears or to mild sadness. And the reason is simple. When you talk with someone, it sends you its emotional charge. Good or bad, depending on how he feels this time.
In order not to fall for these emotional storms, must train his mind.
And the first thing I would advise you, it's very self to try to bring what some states, and then cooled. Glad to bring back to normal, sad to normalize. And so a few times. When you natreniruete emotionally. The dangers you have these storms will not, and you will be easy to communicate both in contact with the invisible world, as in a conversation in real life. And you will be more aware of who you are talking to.
Just remember, your brain is constructed in such a way that it builds emotional background of another person, because he is clear. And not as it actually is.
Feelings remain the same, but that the content in contacts should be specified. Everyone lives in a different emotional — mental state and a different experience for everyone. And everyone has their own sense. Emotions are always right on contact. Love it and love in Africa. And so you will feel right. But this is what he loves. Can not properly understand. Talk, talk, and then realize that meant the source. Not invented for him, their guesses. Images rather give what he has in mind. Here you will be able to understand them, it is a matter of practice.
And most importantly, the more you engage in that world, the more you have to communicate and work in it. It is as opposed to allowing properly assess his movement and awareness. As the scale of reality.
Without it, your knowledge will not be clear to people.
Until all

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