Cooperation with the Chavez regime is under a shaky ground

In Minsk, is visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The main issue discussed is related to the supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus.

Venezuelan President arrived in Minsk late at night. This is his fifth visit to Belarus. Back in 2006, Alexander Lukashenko and Hugo Chavez agreed on regular contacts at the highest level to give additional impetus to the development of bilateral cooperation. In March, the second time in Venezuela visited the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, and assured that once again arrive in Caracas in 2011. Then the two state leaders declared that "bury capitalism."

Today Hugo Chavez arrived in Minsk after a visit to Russia during the meeting with Alexander Lukashenko said that Moscow was "very cold." The talks in the format of one-on-one between the heads of Belarus and Venezuela have lasted more than three hours. Hugo Chavez said that guarantees the stability of oil supplies to Belarus and Belarusian oil refineries will have no shortage of oil for 200 years. He noted that "there is no debtors — we are friends, and together we are building an alternative to imperialism."

Then the talks were held in an expanded format. According to the presidential press service, Alexander Lukashenko, V. Chavez will discuss a wide range of issues of bilateral relations, including cooperation in the petrochemical industry. It is planned to sign several bilateral documents.

According to the analyst Alexander Klaskouski, in the Belarusian-venesulskih contacts at a high level as the combined public relations and pragmatic factors:

Alexander Klaskouski

"On the one hand, this is a demonstration of Moscow that we will not perish in any case, we have good friends. On the other hand, Chavez and threw money just when Moscow slowed credit. And now launched an alternative to oil. Official Minsk, as now ties with Moscow have deteriorated sharply, and towards the EU does not want to go, because that democratization is a threat to the regime, in fact, began to implement a previously declarative thesis shmatvektarnasts. And the emphasis on the so-called third world. "

In March 2010, Belarus and Venesuela signed an agreement on oil supplies. According to him, the official Minsk for 12 months will be able to buy about 4 million tons of oil. In the medium term, Belarus plans to increase the volume of crude oil purchases in Venezuela to 10 million tons, which represents about 50% of the total annual volume of oil in the country. Venezuelan oil to Belarusian refineries comes through the ports of Odessa and the Baltic countries. But can we say that this project is beneficial? Economist Leonid Zlotnikov noted that it is still unknown at what price the place of delivery:

Leonid Zlotnikov

"There was a report in the media, which was based on the National Statistics Committee data, that is the price a little higher than the world price for oil. And then there was no denial, no new information. Therefore do not know what exactly is the price. But good relations with Russia This price would not be higher than the price of Russian oil. "

As far as looks promising Belarusian-Venezuelan oil cooperation?

"I think it will not last long. After all, Chavez himself is not very firm hold, maybe the president will stay three years, and then, much has changed. And we will change. Therefore, the future is difficult to meet."

On Alexander Klaskouski, cooperation with Chavez's regime is under a shaky ground:

"Chavez, although the leader with authoritarian manners, yet in his country more democratic and opposition presses its very noticeable. Hisnetstsa When will the price of oil, then all this is supposedly a long-term cooperation can completely razlyatsetstsa."

Hugo Chavez will visit the sports complex "Minsk-Arena", the National Library, the exposure of oil and gas equipment, which is manufactured in Belarus and one of the construction sites.

In Minsk Hugo Chavez arrived from Moscow, where among other things, signed the Russian-Venezuelan agreement on the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Venezuela. From Minsk Hugo Chavez will travel to Kiev, where he planned to discuss the issue of oil supplies to Belarus. Through Ukraine — the main transit state — oil railway enters the Oil Refinery. It is possible that will be discussed are cheaper ways of oil transit, namely the Odessa-Brody pipeline. In late November, a branch of the pipeline, as planned, will flow first 80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan oil. Both sides have an interest in reducing the cost of supplies.



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