Costoyalsya ceremonial start of the new steelmaking complex DSP-70 of PJSC EMSS

November 15 Kramatorsk (Donetsk region., Ukraine) has been inaugurated steelmaking complex DSP-70 of PJSC "EMSS" (EMSS), which marked the final stage of the seven-year program to modernize the plant.

  • Electric arc furnace DSP-70
  • Electric arc furnace DSP-70

The ceremony was attended by Director General of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko, the First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Oleksandr Alipov, the leaders of the State Corporation "Rosatom", OJSC "Atomenergomash", PJSC "EMSS" NAEC "Energoatom", JSC " Turboatom ", the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the management and administration of the Donetsk region Kramatorsk.      

The large-scale modernization program was made possible thanks to the support of the State Corporation "Rosatom" and its engineering division of "Atomenergomash", which acquired a 51% stake in the EMSS 2010, and thanks to the support of the Ukrainian government and the Donetsk region. During the period of 2005-2012 years. total investment in the modernization of EMSS exceeded $ 300 million, of which approximately $ 100 million was invested in the company over the past two years. Investments were directed to complete upgrade production base, including steelmaking, forging and machining thermal production.
"Enterprise" EMSS "- an example of successful cooperation between the Russian and Ukrainian businesses. Realized with the support of Rosatom's modernization program has allowed EMSS for several years to reorient its production with sales of semi-finished billets for production of high-tech products for the nuclear industry and related industries. EMSS — not only the most high-tech manufacturer of this product in the post-Soviet space, but also one of the qualified supplier for leading companies in the world, "- said General Director of the State Corporation" Rosatom "Sergey Kiriyenko.

"Today EMSS has the technological capabilities of a wide range of products for the steel industry, shipbuilding, energy, and general engineering and plays a critical role in the production chain" Atomenergomash "- said General Director of OJSC" Atomenergomash "Andrew Nikipelov. — The company is able to produce a number of key blanks for nuclear power plants, including the shell of the reactor VVER reactor coolant pump housing, equipment, machine room. In 2013, should be utilized for the production of billets project VVER-TOI. " "Now EMSS is fully integrated into the supply chain of products of the nuclear island" Atomenergomash ". We intend to further increase the volume of orders at the expense of enterprise products for nuclear power plants, as well as for thermal power, gazneftehimii ", — he added.  

"Start steelmaking complex DSP-70, including electric arc furnace installation furnace steel processing and modern powerful gas purification — a historic event for Energomashspetsstal. The new complex — the perfect combination of high performance, energy efficiency and environmental safety — said at a press conference for media representatives CEO of PJSC "EMSS" Maxim Efimov. — Even before the start DSP-70 in the arsenal of EMSS were achievements that can truly be called unique. This production of large ingots weighing up to 500 tons, and the production of rolls of these ingots weighing up to 225 tons, and the development of technology vyshtampovki shell casing pipes zone of a nuclear reactor. With the commissioning of DSP-70 horizon of possibilities EMSS will be much wider. "

EMSS is an active participant in the Kyoto agreement. Therefore, one of the main objectives of the modernization program has improved energy efficiency. Thus, in comparison with 2007, the rate of flow of electricity to smelt one ton of liquid steel in 2012 reduced by 2.7 times. More than twice the reduced flow rate of natural gas to the heat treatment and otkov 1 ton of finished product.

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