Court rejects appeal Ostrovetsky activist

Nicholas Ulasevich sought cancellation of the Regional Court of the District Court's ruling that he must pay a fine of one million 225 thousand rubles. He was charged that he refused to let the house of representatives of the Fire Department, so that they can check performance previously compiled regulations.

Nicholas Ulasevich, a member of the United Civil Party, tried at their home address registered with the local cell of the party. Emergency workers were not given the right to do and wrote repeatedly instructions to correct the deficiencies in compliance with fire safety regulations.

Once again, Nicholas Ulasevich refused to talk on the street with the MOE, who wanted prainspektavats home. Emergency workers felt that this insubordination to legal requirements officials.

Nicholas Ulasevich considers political judgment and argues that the Emergency Situations Ministry is not specifically given permission to open the legal address of the party organization.

He says that the documents with which he first became acquainted in court, there was a letter from the district to the head of the KGB Ostrovetsky emergency department to conduct fire-technical examination of his house and bring him to justice.

Later, in a case in court, according to Ulasevich, this document disappeared.


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