Dancomm: Summing up the year

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This year has been quite eventful in the development of strategic weapons systems of the Russian Federation. There have been setbacks and failures, but there were significant gains. Of course, impossible to list all the achievements, so will mention only some of the events.

As part of the Strategic Missile Forces. Operation was carried out were in service RKSN. Conducted missile tests in order to verify their performance and extend their service life Operating missile systems. All successful launches. Confirmed by the results of starts required technical reliability of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Continued supplies to the troops RK yars. A decision on increasing the production of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the near future will begin to re-yars other divisions of the Strategic Missile Forces and the deployment of its mining options.

Carried out extensive work on the development of new weapons systems, including heart failure and the ROK. Tests were carried out new strategic missile systems, including RK Vanguard. In the design phase are still a few RK CH, including new heavy missile, New PGRK and ROK a new type of home.

Of the landmark developments were a breakthrough in the field of Hypersonic Weapon. Americans have failed to achieve efficiency HTV-2, instead of the commonly show cartoons "as it could be." In Russia successfully tested a similar type of weapon and is working on its further improvement.

Improved System SBU. Started this year on a new system upgrade a series of "Signals" will fully exploit the opportunities inherent in the new missile systems, as well as multiple times to increase the stability and reliability of bringing orders to command posts and missile launchers, including in nuclear impact.

Created new information systems higher levels of management, allowing the most efficient use of available weapons systems, both individually and comprehensively, providing a set level of damage to the enemy existing strategic nuclear and non-nuclear means.

As part of the Navy. A series of successful tests, practical, complete enacting of the "Bulava". After the improvements and tighter controls over the production reached the required reliability of the system. In tests shows range, significantly exceeding voiced by various "experts" and "analysts" eight thousand kilometers. In the framework of the ROC Liner modernized missile "Blue," were in service. Continues to create even one of its modifications. Work is underway to create a stunning system Zircon.

As part of the SAI. Still developing an advanced AD-PRO C-500 with new long-range and ultra-long missiles. In addition to the traditional characteristics of a perfect missile defense capabilities will be added, are not inferior capabilities of the SM-3.

Perform scheduled deployment VZG radar "Voronezh" in order to form a closed field of radar missile warning. To date, the new radars deployed in Lekhtusi, Armavir, Kaliningrad. Work on the creation of CEN out to the finish line.

Modernized system PRO A-135 — On the new computer system implemented new algorithms of the system, testing of the missile 53T6M.

Put into service the first anti-satellite system. Work on creation of three more systems PSB for various purposes, including domestic air-based laser system.

Deployed suppression system GPS and protection of critical facilities from precision-guided weapons.

The tests of the prototype EMP weapons new generation. The achieved performance is not inferior to similar U.S. model.

Carried out a large amount of work on anti-missile defense system. As part of the development of new PCB products have already been created and is being conducted their tests. In terms of ensuring the defeat of missile defense systems work continues. Drums, specialized tools, linked information systems, electronic warfare agents are deployed.

In general, the year was fruitful. And in the future, the work planned even more.

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