Dangerous parade of planets

March 23, 2012 13:03

Only one in twenty-first century. Parade of planets, with the participation of Venus, the Earth and the Sun on 6 June.

Parade of planets— In the twentieth century, it has happened twice — in 1939, when the World War, and on the eve of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant — said astronomer Kiev 46-year-old Irina Nikolaychuk.
Earth and Venus line up on one side of the Sun. Venus "pass" on his drive. From Earth, it would seem a small dot on the background of the solar disk. It will be seen with a telescope. The impression that the world — the neighbors. But in reality, they are separated by hundreds of millions of kilometers.
My fellow geologist believes that the parade of planets can cause natural disasters — volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Will lay the ground magnetic storms. This period is difficult to survive people with weak hearts.

 — June parade of planets cover Ukraine, Eastern Europe and western Russia, — Capital bioenergetics Miroslav Oliynyk, 47 years. — In Eastern Europe there will be a new currency, which will soon become a rival to the dollar and the euro. In Ukraine, people will be unhappy with the top leadership of the state and take to the streets. Mass indignation could turn into a revolution. There will be many changes in the economy — a few large companies will go bankrupt, banks will be closed. Will plunder the big sums. Several of those in power Pohorje on bribes. Flee abroad to avoid violence.
Many people wrongly convicted will go free. Then we can expect the release of Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko.

Anna Antennae

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