Day Bogdanovich

The people of the society, The people of Belarus!
You — a dark, blind as a bat.
Vsyagdy pagarzhali thee,
You do not pushchali of the yoke
I robbed your soul —
It is not even a question.

May 25th the anniversary of the death of Maxim Bogdanovich. He is often called no more, and the favorite poet of the Belarusians. Usually in this day people came with flowers to the monument to the poet near Minsk Opera, read poetry, spoken word.

Now some words on hearing — devaluation, political trials, fear. Assemble, and to act in a public place is dangerous, because once 'll be arrested the police and the accused, that the swearing. Belarusians fear.

You are not free to shout: "Help!"
I musish you "Thank you" to scream.
Hear is it, hear,
Who can hear the heart of you!

Hear it today is more difficult than one hundred years, when he wrote his lines Maxim Bogdanovich.

Deafness fear is much stronger than the one that caused the darkness of ignorance. As the belief in rebirth is much stronger disbelief.

Here are a symbol of your own forgotten edge,
Shocked, finally, the spirit is free.
I know I will not sleep for nothing
And break out of the darkness, they say, the source,
Which so powerfully loud mkne,
Zdalevshy from the soil into the open break.

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