Debates will be in writing

CEC accepted a position on the debate between the presidential candidates. Debates will be held at the First National Channel of the 19 th to the 20-hours.

Radio debates — from 6 th to 7 am.

Andrey Dmitriev, , leader of the group Vladimir Neklyaeva, asked to make the switch to point to the debate held in the air.

This, according to Dmitriev, to avoid complaints that employees of the channels is something distorted or cut out.

CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna said that the proposal Dmitriev — "This is a lovely idea."

However Yarmoshina referred to the explanation of the management Belgosteleradiokompanii that the company is not ready to debate on live television.

The debates will involve not only the presidential candidates, but also their agents.

"The presidential candidates will be be entitled free to publish their programs in four national newspapers, six regional and one local newspaper, "- said the CEC member Nadezhda Kiseleva.

The text of the program should take no less than five typewritten pages. He must be transferred to the newspapers until November 28, on paper or in electronic form.



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