Defense forces will shoot missiles S-300

End-of-period own ammunition will play the role of the newest NATO aircraft and missiles
Bimbo of the target system "Favorit-M" will be created on the basis of the 1 st of the first versions of anti-aircraft missile system S-300PS. The targets will perform decommissioned missiles 5V55. One shot will destroy the military 2-birds with one stone kill an old rocket and train new South American gunners shoot down aircraft and missiles.

Rockets from With-300 developing speed to 2 km / s — with such speed does not fly any aircraft or cruise missiles. And if the anti-aircraft gunners could shoot down the missile, the enemy "slug" kill guaranteed.

Past Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Force Viktor Esin noted that the alteration of old times-300 in the target — a reasonable course of the war.

— This is more useful than conventional disposal. Properties allow rockets to make her classroom target, regardless of age and expired warranty term, — Said Esin.

According to him, the introduction of the C-300 as targets was made possible after the series began creating the C-400.

— It makes sense to give up armed with more modern systems S-300PM and create a new C-400, a remake of an old system in the target systems — said Esin.

As told to "Izvestia" in the Defense Ministry, the main alteration expects a rocket: it will be removed from the warhead and instead put him jammer. In addition, the control system will record programs from the complex simulation of a missile attack.

Is noteworthy that the missiles of old times of the C-300 will remain manageable, which is very crucial for the target, which will need to simulate the behavior of different types of missiles.

But professionals still causes oscillation features of C-300 to simulate the harshest tool of our time — tactical ballistic missiles.

The last rocket scientist, Major General Vladimir Dvorkin told "Izvestia" that powers the C-300 is not enough to represent the behavior of U.S. tactical missile ATACMS — Russian analogue of "Iskander".

— Simulate a trajectory of ballistic missiles is very difficult, I do not see how the C-300 can cope with it — said Dworkin.

At the same time, the editor of the website "Vestnik PVO" Said Aminov argues that the speed and altitude missiles 5V55 fully enough to simulate a ballistic missile.

Speed y ATACMS — 1,5 km / s, while the 5V55 — 2 km / sec. Because imitation of an American rocket with Russian entirely probable, — said Amin.

As a part of the Russian Air Force combat duty now little more than 100 S-300 systems, 70% of them belong to the modification With-300PS, while the remaining 30% — to the S-300PM, and range are due to improved missile achieves 200 km. S-300PS, is made in the years 1982-1993, in fact served their own time (warranty term this system is 25 years) and in the coming 10-12 years will be changed to the S-400 system.

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