Diabolical place in Jordan: a mystery and the solution

September 27, 2012 11:40

This road is in Jordan and leads to Mount Nebo, where Moses was buried the prophet. But this place is very picturesque and covered with the biblical legend, called the Devil. That, however, is not surprising, because the laws of physics here are like the exact opposite: that's the machine itself to climb the mountain as if rolling down a slope. They say that such a place, where the top is confused with the bottom, in the world a lot. What is it — a magnetic anomaly or optical illusion? Whatever it was, when you find yourself in the Devil's place is only believe their own eyes, and they say it does not happen.

Science journalist "Pravdy.Ru" Anton Evseev explains the surprising phenomenon, captured on video, "The Devil's place in Jordan: a mystery

Such places, where the top is confused with the bottom of the machine itself is on a hill, but a man down the slope just as hard as the rise in the world is not so small. So have we in Russia — in the Middle Urals, are found in the Crimea, in Georgia, in the Caucasus. Most "evil places" in Israel and the U.S.. Some explain their existence of a magnetic anomaly, but in reality, says science journalist "Pravdy.Ru" Anton Evseev, it's pretty simple optical illusion. The effect of disorientation produced in the highlands, where the surface are at right angles to each other. And the person being in the "devil's place", in any case you can not believe your eyes, says Anton Evseev.

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