Digital Design introduces a system of electronic document in Roskosmos

The Russian system integrator Digital Design is working on the introduction of electronic document management system on the platform DocsVision the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). At this stage, EDS automates 150 employees of the central office of the agency.

The project is implemented by Digital Design with the subordinate federal space agency FSUE "Echo." At the moment the main work carried out for the creation and deployment of departmental system of electronic document management and pairing it with a system of interagency electronic document, said the Digital Design.

Electronic document management system will provide treatment to 400 incoming and 200 outgoing documents in a day or year on year — up to 50 thousand documents per year. EDS automates activities related to the recording, processing and accounting records, including those of citizens. In addition, the solution provides control of executive discipline, and also functions as an electronic archive. Specialists Digital Design with integrated EDS Roscosmos interagency electronic document management system for the secure exchange of electronic documents with the administration of President of the Russian Federation, Government of the Russian Federation and other federal authorities.

"Until recently, the Russian Space Agency used diverse office automation equipment, which did not have sufficient functional and failed to meet the new demands of the government of the Russian Federation, including the part of Meadow. Through the creation of a new system, we hope to optimize work processes and to put into operation the electronic documents that have legal force, so as to gradually supplant traditional paper documents — said Boris Ignatov, Head of Information Security, Federal Space Agency. — Russian Space Agency is a full-featured EDMS system, the implementation of which will ensure the transition to a paperless administrative document management not only at the central office, but also within the industry on a single platform to connect subordinate agency of integrated structures and their businesses. "

"The widespread use of the existing solutions and capabilities of the platform to create a modern industry EDS, including taking into account the best practices in the field of electronic document management and related systems — this is a fundamentally important point — said Valery Shevchenko, Director of Government Relations, Digital Design. — Formation of a unified administrative system of electronic document Roscosmos should be a prerequisite and the first step in creating an integrated data-processing system, which allows the management agency to carry out operational monitoring of the industry, to make decisions on strategic and future issues related to space activities. Workstation of the head of the SED in this case is seen as part of the ARM head above the IAS. "

In the near future the Russian Space Agency will deploy the prototype certification authority and ensure the formation of the electronic digital signature for departmental and interdepartmental SED information exchange. In addition, as part of the EDS Space Agency in 2011 is assumed: the modernization of its internal policies with regard to the structural units of the agency, process automation and coordination of joint preparation of documents in the central office; launch the first phase of an electronic archive of the results of research and development organizations in the rocket and space industry the interest of information security managers and professionals Roscosmos and its subordinate enterprises.

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