Disappeared without a trace in the Urals An-2: enter the mysterious radio signals

October 30, 2012 3:41



Investigation Department of the Ural transport TFR suspended criminal investigation into the violation of safety rules, instituted because of the disappearance of the An-2, spokeswoman Marina Bubkina departments.

Recall, An-2 airline "AIRLINE call" left for an unknown destination to the landing site of Serov, June 11 on board were the pilot and 12 passengers. The investigation initiated earlier in fact missing aircraft criminal violations of safety rules and operation of air transport. Investigators reopened the investigation, if there will be any reason to do so, for example, will have an additional information or rescuers find the plane.

History missing An-2 is not unique. Despite the fact that the aviation adage says that there are no planes, did not return to the ground, disappearances happen quite regularly. The entire path of aviation is full of secrets and mysteries that are not revealed to this day, although the search of some ships are often decades. Here are just a few of the most famous examples of such disappearances

Amelia Earhart

American Amelia Earhart, the first woman, has flown the Atlantic, was a true fanatic of the flight case. Shortly before his 40th birthday in 1937 Amelia attempted to make a round-the-world flight in a light twin-engine aircraft, "Lockheed Electra." Amelia was accompanied by a navigator, Fred Noonan. By early July, with Noonan Earhart successfully overcome the 80 percent of the route. July 2, they took off from Lae, Papua New Guinea, a small island in the direction of Howland. Communication with the plane Earhart appear and disappear, but a few minutes before the expected landing disappeared completely. The U.S. Navy began the search and rescue operation, which was the most expensive in the history of the Navy.

However, neither the crew nor the aircraft were found. The different versions of what happened to Amelia Earhart, nominated to this day.

Sigismund Levanevsky

Soviet pilot Levanevsky Sigismund became one of the first in the history of the heroes of the Soviet Union for participation in the rescue of the crew of the ship "Chelyuskin" in 1934. One of the main aces Outbound Flight, Levanevsky planned repeat Chkalov flight over the North Pole in the U.S.. August 12, 1937 four-engine plane DB-A, tail number N-209 with a crew of six men under Levanevskogo began flying from Moscow over the North Pole to Fairbanks, Alaska. Radio contact with the aircraft was lost on August 13, at 17:58, Moscow time, after they flew over the Soviet Arctic coast.

USSR and the United States has taken an active search for the plane, but nothing could be found. For more than 70 years in the press regularly new versions of what happened to the plane Levanevskogo reliable data could be obtained.

Glenn Miller

The famous American musician 1930-1940-s Glenn Miller was well known in the Soviet Union through the film "Sun Valley Serenade." During the Second World War, Miller created the Army Band of the Air Force, with whom he performed at military bases allies in England, as well as on BBC radio BBC.
After the liberation of Paris from Nazi Glenn Miller was to fly to the mainland. December 15, 1944, he flew to France for a single-engine plane "Norseman C-64" airbase "Tvinvud Farm." The plane in which he was flying, and has not reached France, his trail was lost somewhere over the English Channel. Neither Miller's body, no remains of his plane were never found.

Versions disappearance musician was enough — that Miller allegedly killed by personal order of Hitler, allegedly in fact he died in a Paris brothel, and the story of the plane — just saving his reputation. There was even a version that Glenn Miller was an agent of the NKVD, which staged the disappearance, and showed up in the Soviet Union … KGB chief Yuri Andropov! However, the most likely that the plane Miller was the victim of British bombers dropped bombs over the English Channel.

But, anyway, no version has no material evidence. Glenn Miller's plane is still in the list of the missing.


One of the most mysterious episodes in the history of world aviation occurred on 5 December 1945, when five U.S. torpedo bombers "Avenger", emitted by bombing training base in Fort Lauderdale on a completely standard and ten times the hours worked the route, went missing over the ocean. On the same day, disappeared rescue gidrosamoletaPBM-5 Martin "Mariner", to send to the search torpedo.

Efforts to search for aircraft not produce any results. The history of disappearing torpedo gave much food science fiction and ufology, "suspect" Bermuda Triangle and UFOs being involved in the incident. But neither version has not received today confirmed.

Steve Fossett

American businessman and extremals Steve Fossett fond sailing races, balloons and aircraft. In these disciplines to his credit was more than a hundred records. In addition, he swam swam the English Channel, drove a dog sled and was involved in a car race. In 2002, Fossett flew around the Earth in a balloon, and in 2005 made the first nonstop round-the-world flight in a single plane.
Fossett's nothing frightening. But in September 2007, he flew to the single-engine plane from an airfield in Nevada, planning to search the site for the race on speed. The estimated time ago millionaire did not return. His search yielded surprising results — found seven aircraft, previously missing, but most Fossett has been found.

Unlike their predecessors, Fossett, in a sense lucky. 14 months later the tourists on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, accidentally discovered the place of his death. The remains of a businessman was identified only by examination of DNA.


Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to verify information about the radio signals that allegedly failed to send the missing passengers in June, in the Urals, the An-2. This was reported in the press service of the regional administration SC Code.

"According to information provided by the witness in the course of the interrogation, the investigating authorities were instructed to conduct investigative activities operational services. The criminal investigation is ongoing, "- said the agency.

About the mysterious signals that allegedly recorded businessman from Nizhny Tagil Valentine Degterev earlier local media reported. According to "Uralinformbyuro" record man did on the night of September 4. It clarifies Lifenews.ru, author of the message, whose voice sounded exhausted and sometimes interrupted, went on the air in the next two nights.

The first record was short. It only brings the coordinates of the crash, and reported the deaths of two police officers (recall that the fatal flight departed chief of traffic police in Serov, Dmitry Ushakov, and three of his subordinates), and that the survivors are afraid of hungry bears.

In the message sent on the night of September 5, said that the An emergency landing 30 kilometers of the abandoned village "State Farm Revolution." Author signal begged for help and asked to contact his friend in Nizhny Tagil. Unknown also said that he has a gun, and he does not trust anyone.

The third radio reports said that the passengers of the An-2 is located 120 km from Serov, two of them were wounded. The author of the radio message again tried to call your location and time to report that the survivors have seen poachers. Last post interrupted by the phrase: "Dad, pray, listen … a hungry bear will eat."

Degterev himself when he realized what he was able to catch radiozapis, was shocked. "I am a radio amateur since ten years, constantly listening to broadcast and surprise at the frequency 96.6 — blank areas in which no one could have heard his voice. I wrote down the message, and when cleaned of noise and listened, just stunned: a message from the people who went to the An-2 ", — he said.

Entrepreneur immediately conveyed a message to the MES and law enforcement. The Investigative Committee said that already questioned the witness. Audio recording, the quality of which is very poor, sent to phonoscopic examination.

However, the MOE expressed doubt that the record is relevant to the missing aircraft. "Now this audio transmitted to the investigating authorities, they do, understand. An-2, I think, "tied", only a "fix", — said the representative of EMERCOM Russia's Sverdlovsk region Natalia Zyryanov.

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