DNS — done in Primorye

The company DNS, started its activities with the sale of computer and digital technology, today nearly 500 stores across the country and a network of assembly plants that manufacture products under its own brand. The largest venture is also in Primorye. This is one of the few examples where the business is not from the west to the east, and in the opposite direction, conquering new territories and everywhere finding its own market niche.

— Like many companies in our industry, we started with the sale of digital technology — says CEO of DNS Dmitri Alexeev. — We opened stores in Primorye, then moved to the region, then went beyond it. The next step was the opening of its own production — at first it was a small company in Vladivostok. In June 2012, the we have opened a new assembly plant in the suburbs of Artyom, which has allowed us to more than 2-fold increase. It is the parent. In addition, assembly of computer equipment under the brand name DNS is in Siberia and central Russia.

— Our company consists of two parts — manufacturing and warehouse space — with these words begin our tour of the production manager of the enterprise DNS Nicholas Gromakov. — On the first floor of producing computers and candy bars on the second — portable equipment (laptops, netbooks, tablets), which is in increasing demand from our customers. Accessories imported from South-East Asia, the labor force — from Vladivostok and Artem.

The company built the company from scratch, is a modern technological system. The assembly is held in the spacious, bright shops. Nearby are utility rooms — locker rooms, rest rooms and showers. All employees of the company — young men and women with college or higher education of coastal cities — no foreign workers. Although the availability of personnel problems at the plant do not deny deficit employees and virtually no staff turnover — a business make formal employment, without delay, pay wages, benefits package that addresses all the requirements of the Russian labor legislation.

Some problems with staffing, of course, there are — today very few young people who are able and willing to work with his hands. Therefore, some staff shortages experienced by all, without exception, manufacturing industry and our — not the exception — says Nikolay Gromakov. — Mostly we take people with a technical background, and is already here, in the enterprise, teach them everything that we need. Therefore, the selection of the basic qualities for us — is the desire to work, the ability to learn quickly and responsibility.

But the requirements for the technical staff of the department — it is the brain center of the enterprise — are quite different. It employs engineers topper, accompanying and supervising the assembly process is not only in the Maritime region, but also in other industries company. Each of the specialist department conducts its direction: those engaged in software, while others provide production of computers and candy bars, and others — control the production of laptops and netbooks.

Computers and laptops, tablets and netbooks, are gaining popularity in the offices of one-piece of the latest models and digital televisions, orderly lined up on the shelves in anticipation of testing. I can not believe that all of the products collected by the hands of coastal artists, after testing and installation of the operating system, packed in boxes branded with individual bar codes razedetsya across Russia. And in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk people would be happy to use the technology with a proprietary icon DNS — made in Primorye.

Pays great attention to the company and service of its products. All products have a two year warranty. And to ensure that the client at any point of Russia could use the service activities postrodazhnogo service centers operate in all regions of the company.

Despite the fact that the company stores open DNS today in various cities, and unique seaside assembly production of DNS is not in the territory of Russia, on the progress the company is not going to stop.

— Today, we have to develop new products — continues to Nicholas. — Talk about them in detail so far, but very soon will expand our range, and what's new customers will be able to meet in retail stores DNS.

On the question of whether the management of the company is waiting for the opening of Vladivostok IT industrial park, the head of smiles: "We are developing our business, and we have it takes a lot of time and energy, — says Dmitry Alexeev. — Of course, we keep track of all the new developments in our industry — we have a department that deals with the development of promising projects. And it will be great if in the territory of Primorye will create a special zone for the development of vysotehnologichnogo business — we are close to the rapidly developing Asian economies, so the littoral simply have no choice but to develop information technology to innovate. But our business can not wait. Therefore, we are constantly moving forward and have set ourselves the task all the more difficult. "

In the I half-year 2011 the company collected 193 thousand computers, coming in first place among Russian collectors PC

of.sayt companyhttp://moscow.dns-shop.ru/

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